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Meme a day 2008-Day 84-Three Word Answer Meme

Ganked from illgetmerope

You have to use 3 words to answer each question. No more, no less. It’s harder than you think.

1. Where is your cell phone?
In my pocketbook.

2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/hubby/wife?
Sleeping right now.

3. Your hair?
Is a mess.

4. Where is your father?
Dead and buried.

6. Your favorite thing to do?
Dream up fanfic.

7. Your dream last night?
I can't recall

8. Your favorite drink?
An Arnold Palmer

9. Your dream car?
Chauffer driven limousine

10. The room you’re in?
Office at work.

12. Your fears?
Losing my mind.

14. Who did you hang out with last night?
Karaoke bar pals.

15. What aren’t you good at?
International travel bookings.

16. Muffins?
Poppyseed or pumpkin

17. One of your wish list items?
Personal maid service.

19. The last thing you did?
Changed a reservation.

20. What are you wearing?
Yoga pants, sweater.

22. Your pet?
There's a finch.

23. Your computer?
It's a Dell.

24. Your life?
Waiting for Maui.

25. Your mood?
Numb and blah.

26. Missing?
Sense of purpose.

27. What are you thinking about right now?
Hating my job.

28. Your car?
Hubby has motorcycle.

29. Your work?
Makes me miserable.

30. Your summer?
San Francisco. Cold.

31. Your relationship status?
Most happily married.

32. Your favorite color(s)?
Green to wear.

33. When is the last time you laughed?
Last night. Extras

34. Last time you cried?
Almost at Adrift.

35. School?
Long time ago.

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