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Six days to Maui

If you guys want me to have hubby take photographs of anything in particular while I'm there, let me know.

I'm so out of it. I don't care about work AT ALL. Barely functioning here.

Didn't accomplish much of anything this weekend except still knocking off final requests on Kissing Meme, Why Character A loves Character B Meme, and of course, You Pick The Topic.

We went to brunch at Chow on Saturday and then I pretty much vegged ALL DAY. We've started the final season of Sopranos on DVD and knocked of 6 episodes of that. (Poor Vito...is there Sopranos slash out there?) Then Hubby and I watched "Something Borrowed" from the BBCA Tivo. Hubby is not a shipper, but he does like Gwen. When I asked what Jack was thinking after Ianto's cut-in, he said "second choice." (Although he might have been influenced by my pointing out every incidence of Jack's goo-goo eyes.)

Sunday, I got up and did four miles walk/run/walk. I need to at least get back up to 6/7 in order to get through Bay To Breakers in May

Last night was kind of sleepy at the Mint. Sebastian is in Mexico and a lot of the regulars weren't around. I hung out with Brendan, Daddy David, Jim the bartender, Ed & Thomas. There was this big group of guys in the lounge, but hardly any of them were singing and they were really a bunch of stiffs. I'd almost prefer a big rowdy bunch because at least there's energy there.

Todd & Layne stopped in which was nice.

I managed to open the notebook and do some work on the Novel. I've got the characters in the hotel room, kissing and in bed. I'm just trying to make it hot and sexy and believable, without making it smut because I'm writing this as a "mainstream" novel.

Bartender Ben showed up and I lent him my copy of Putting It Together.

Came home. Posted fic. Watched some Extras. I'm still not sure if I like it or not.

Song list-
Walk a Million Miles-Grass Roots
This Magic Moment-Jay and the Americans
There's No Business Like Show Business-Brendan requested this. I had to get permission from Jim the bartender as he generally handles the Ethel Merman. I did ok. Then I made Brendan sing "I Say a Little Prayer"
Teenager In Love-Dion and the Belmonts.
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