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Meme a day 2008-Day 87-Top Five Music Meme

Ganked from midnight_birth

1. List your top five favorite musical artists
2. List your top five favorite songs from each artist.

The artists would tend to stay consistent, but the songs might change according to mood. John Barrowman is the first new addition to my musical pantheon in many years, and somewhat frighteningly seems to have replaced Frank Sinatra in my top five.

1. Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music
More Than This
Slave To Love
Same Old Scene
One Way Love
This is Tomorrow

2.Cliff Richard
Devil Woman
Miss You Nights
Misunderstood Man
My Pretty One

3. John Barrowman
Sunset Boulevard
All Out of Love
Whistle Down The Wind
Why God Why
You're So Vain
Anything Goes (Torchwood DVD version)

4. Tom Jones
She's A Lady
Daughter of Darkness
Love Me Tonight
Sugar Sugar (I'm not kidding. You've got to hear it.)
Fly Me To The Moon
Sex Bomb

5.Bobby Darin
Mack The Knife
Milord (Amazing version)
The Curtain Falls

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