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MMOM IS (AHEM) COMING BACK!!!! --- I need your help.

Time to start getting ready for mmom.

I've gotten word from the moderators that May 2008 will once again be the Merry Month Of Masturbation.

I'll do a formal pimp-post when the "Official" announcement is made, and I'm going to try and get as many of you as possible to do it, but in the meantime...

As some of you may remember, or still be trying to forget, last year I not only completed the challenge but did it alphabetically, finishing up with 33 fics in 31 fandoms.

Last Year's Fics

Guess What?

I'm not doing that again!

However, that was before Torchwood and Dr. Who became part of my life. Not to mention Heroes, Firefly and a slew of others.

The Chelsea Drugstore is now open to prompts, suggestions, requests, for any character, fandom, pairing etc. I'll try almost anything (see last years list, if you dare). Feel free to prompt fandoms you know I've written, suspect I could write or just want to see if I can do it.

I need to start stockpiling now. A month of masturbation can be a long, long time.
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