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Day before vacation randomness-includes fic recs

I'm a mess.

Really. Barely focusing on work and there's still of lot of clean-up shit to get done and logged and entered so that Steve and Lucy are not cursing my name when clients call for bookings that don't seem to exist.

Today I had one of those horrible moments when I realized that I'd booked someone on a flight to San Diego (SAN) instead of Orange County (SNA). Oops. Luckily the flight is tomorrow and there's time to fix it, but I hate the feeling in my gut when that happens and I'm forced to confront what a space case I really am.

Gotta run up to Kearny Street and pay Kathy for the Goddess Nails from Wednesday, now that my ATM is all activated and I have money and stuff.

I'm starving so I really need to eat, but I don't want to over-stuff and not be hungry for dinner. We're going to Il Cantuccio to celebrate Hubby's 50th birthday which will be on the 30th. (I'll do a post on that day so we can all celebrate.) He seems much cooler about this year's than last years which was practically a full-blown mid-life crisis.

I'm caught up on the "short" version of my f-list and believe it or not, I've actually gone through that backed up list of fic from the long weekend in JANUARY. I'm going to keep the f-list on my "short" filter while I'm in Maui and hopefully not get too much of a back-up list again. The problem is that I have a hard time reading more than about 1000 words on screen, although beefing up the font might help. I like to read fics on paper. I'm a paper person. That way if it's hot enough for the smut-binder, I've got it there.

Plans for Maui include working on the Novel, finishing up memes, and taking on several pending requests/prompts etc. Sorry to those of you, who are waiting on kisses and such. The latter part of this month has kicked me in the ASS. I may also try and stockpile some mmom drabbles. Keep those cards and letters suggestions/prompts coming in.

MEME-A-DAY will roll on during the vacation, but I'll probably post tomorrow's sometime tonight so I can pack my laptop before I go beddy bye. I've got the first seven eps of Life On Mars downloaded and I hope to get the last one tonight. Hubby doesn't think we'll do that much TV/Laptop watching, but I think he's wrong. And if he's not at least I'll have it for myself because I'm seriously dying to see this show. kiwi_from_hell's LOM fics pushed me over the edge. Yes, that is a rec.

Speaking of recs, paperclipbitch has new Owen/Ianto fic up. It's breaking my heart, but you should go read it anyway. At least she knows the score between Jack and Ianto and it ain't nothing like love.

One more rec, while I'm on a roll---over at Teaspoon : Out of Joint by HonorH.

It's a multi-part crossover Dr. Who/Firefly story, featuring Nine/Rose/Jack arriving on Serenity. You all know how I feel about multi-parters but I'm at chapter 10 right now and if this one goes south it will be the biggest upset since the Giants won the Superbowl. All chapters have been posted, so there's no chance of being left high and dry that way. Her voices/characterizations for both sets of characters are pitch perfect and I really love the individual interactions between different sets of characters from both shows.

I won't name names but I'm still feeling gutted and pissed at the most recent WIP I got emotionally invested in only to have the author wuss out in unimaginably awful ways and even manage to destroy my pleasure in what had gone before, so it's quite an act of faith for me to love this fic so much and rec it at this point. Mind you this is a completely different kind of story, so the changes of that specific type of blow-out are unlikely.

Maybe some more blathering later.
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