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Vacation report-Maui 2008-Day 1

I gotta start off with a little Limo Love for the folks at Bali Limo , who were nice enough to comp. me a transfer to the airport. I know I spend a whole lot of Desk of Doom time bitching about my clients who book limos because of all the things that can go wrong in terms of missed pickups, but a nice, quiet sedan ride has it all over dealing with Super Shuttle.

The car was downstairs waiting for us at exactly 7:00AM and got the trip off to a nice start.

Check-in gets more horrible every time we travel, but we did as much to circumvent the misery as possible including checking luggage with the skycap for $2.00 a bag plus some additional baksheesh. The real purgatory is the security line.

It was really long and there was plenty of time for Hubby to make a bathroom run while I held our places before we got anywhere near an actual TSA person.

We had some entertainment in the form of the guy in back of us on his cell-phone reassuring what I’m assuming was his girlfriend that he would get there and rent a car, so she shouldn’t worry about anything. He seemed completely flummoxed by the number of people in the airport, saying he’d never seen it so busy. Dude? Saturday morning. Spring break. Get with the program.

Then he made another, louder call explaining, complete with obscenities that “she” was throwing a 65th birthday party for her dad that day and he was going to get there, even though it was going to cost about $1000.00 because he had his car in hourly parking and he was going to rent a car when he got there. Plus he was only booked standby on the flight.

He didn’t seem happy about any of this, so I’m wondering about the state of the relationship or why he was putting himself through the ordeal. The conversation (or the part we could hear) veered off into several repetitions of how he had to be “accountable.” After that we were separated by the TSA, so that plot will have to find its way into a future story to be resolved.

At the HUMILIATION ZONE, i.e. the security check-point, I was shocked to discover someone who’s apparently been under a rock for the last 3-5 years and didn’t know about opening the lap-top for inspection or the fact that you can no longer take wine on the plane as a carry-on.

I’m pretty sure he lost his fancy-shmancy Napa Valley hooch because he said he didn’t have time to go back and check it in. How does someone not know about this? You can’t go through with 3 oz of shampoo unless it’s zip-locked and you try to get past with big scary wine bottles?

I’m sure the TSA boys were partying hard by lunch-time.

Ray at United had said he would see if anything could be done about an upgrade, but since I booked through a package that was always a non-starter. We had a two seat side together so it wasn’t too awful, until the landing, but the landing is always awful, including me getting nauseated and the baby screaming in back of us.

On the plane, I wrote my “childhood” essay and read about ¾ of John Barrowman’s autobiography. I loved it. Of course. I was worried it would just be rehashing of stuff I’d already heard in the interviews but there was lot’s of new things to relish, many of which sparked RPS/RPF bunnies.

I loved the “Eat your heart out Hugh Laurie,” and the image of John doing a scene from Lion in Winter for his forensics competitions, not to mention going to school with THORSTEN KAYE!!! OMG! (He's currently on All My Children but has always been seriously hot on One Live to Live and Port Charles.)

Hot hot hot! Oh please get him a job on Torchwood. That would be a Capt. Jack affair I could get behind. And once again, John calls the dogs the other loves of his life. Awwwww. Penny was a gift from Valentino? Golly.

F/Y/I-I was comparing the book to the audio version and there's a lot left out of the audio, so as much as I love John's voice, you really need the book to get the full story.

After the mildly miserable landing we got our luggage and our transfer fairly smoothly. Hubby had the shuttle take him to the place we rented a motorcycle from and I handled check in at the hotel.

By 2PM, we were having our traditional (2nd year in a row) 1st meal
in Maui at Cheeseburger in Paradise , which was desperately needed because I hadn’t eaten since Hubby’s big birthday bash get-together at Il Cantuccio the night before. (Thanks Charlotte, Ivan, and the rest of the gang for showing up.)

On the way back we booked massages for the next day and by 430PM I was in the hot tub, following and even more desperately needed shower. After that we mostly chilled, did a Safeway run and some preliminary shopping, then sat out on the Lanai until I was ready to crash, falling asleep to the sound of waves.

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