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Vacation report-Maui 2008-Day 2

Woke up at 630AM to the sound of waves. Drank some protein shake and went out for a run. In short sleeves. Lots and lots of sunblock. I ran/walked/ran for an hour which took me past the Safeway/Lahaina Cannery Mall.

Went back to the hotel and woke up hubby to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and share all your wonderful wishes and various nicknames. He thanks you all and wants to hug each of you, especially since I’ve told him what a bunch of babes I hang out with, including the guys.

We headed to the Pioneer Inn for breakfast. I thought I was being terribly healthy and clever by just ordering the fruit plate with yogurt and honey, which I assumed meant separate dishes of yogurt and honey. Oh no, no, no. How about yogurt drowning in honey? And some wonderfully sweet watermelon, pineapple, honey dew melon and grapes.

We did some shopping including a trip to the Croc Store where I replaced the pair I bought here in 2006 with a new pair in the Mary Jane style in a color that I think resembles a watermelon Jolly Rancher and another pair which I’m hoping will be more work friendly in black and white.

Hubby went to Lahaina Scrimshaw and bought a pocket-knife with some scrimshaw on it. I got some earrings there as well.

We ditched the goodies at the hotel and headed out on our lovely rented Honda Shadow for a trip to the Maui Ocean Center, which is a fabulous aquarium. I love aquariums. Hate zoos, love aquariums. This one doesn’t have any mammals at all, unless you count the feral cat I saw when we ate lunch at the Seascape restaurant because all that fruit, honey and yogurt gave me a total sugar crash and I found myself in desperate need of carbs and protein. The tuna sandwich was awesome and hubby had some excellent sashimi. (All in accordance with Monterey Bay Aquarium sustainability standards, thank you very much.)

Anyway, I got to see lots of lovely fishies, sharks, turtles and a very cool Jellyfish exhibit before we came back for the massages.

There’s just no way to describe how great a fully body massage feels, and with hot rocks, you can raise the pleasure level exponentially. So, so, so, so, so great. Totally decadent and self-indulgent and not cheap, but damn, we both needed it.

After that, some sitting on the lanai, staring at the stars, listening to the waves. Pure bliss.

For dinner and entertainment: The Cool Cat Café where we got see Erik Pietsch a/k/a The Whaleshark. Think a little bit of Jimmy Buffet mixed with Creedence Clearwater, especially the feeling expressed by Lodi. It took a while to warm up to the style and the schtick but we ended up liking it, even if I was too full to take advantage of the coupon I had for a free root beer float.

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