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Meme a day 2008-Day 96-Fandom Summary Meme

Ganked from _kali_

Summarize 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess each fandom.

1. Kicking ass, changing wigs and having daddy issues up the wazoo. - Alias
Guessed by michelleann68, neviditelny, joanne_c.

2. Fibers, trace, and slashy subtext, OH MY!
Guessed by theninth,neviditelny, joanne_c, babykid528, and michelleann68.

3. Men In Black with English accents and much more sex.
Guessed by theninthe, neviditelny,mad_jaks, tourmeline1973, babykid528 and michelleann68.

4. The best written show ever, you motherfucking cocksuckers.
Deadwood Guessed by michelleann68

5. Sexiest men alive, wittiest plots, especially the third time around.
Ocean's 11
Guessed by joanne_c

6. Vicodin, snark and slashy subtext. Does it get any better?
House MD
Guessed by theninth, neviditelny, joanne_c, tourmeline1973, babykid528, and michelleann68.

7. I know it's hard being a spy, but lighten up about it already!
Guessed by theninth and neviditelny.

8. Number 4 in space, with less cursing.
Guessed by michelleann68

9. The fandom that makes the news and the fake news way more fun to watch.
Guessed by joanne_c with honorable mentions to michelleann68 and babykid528

10. The Doctor meets Stephen Carrington. Things get very special.
Guessed by joanne_c, mad_jaks, and babykid528.
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