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Torchnotes-Haven't watched yet, but thoroughly spoiled.

A few thoughts:

OK, I've read spoilers all along so I knew for weeks/months about the deaths and the buried alive *shudder* and the hugs. On the other hand I knew what was coming with CJH and that still got to me as well.

Random musing: Jack suffers a lot in Dr. Who and Torchwood. Seriously. Buried alive? Do you think on some level RTD thinks that he needs to be punished for his good looks and charm? (Hopefully NOT for his sexuality, because if the next series has a repeat of the office scene, and Jack's had a lot of time to think and it makes him want something more serious with Ianto I'll seriously puke my guts out.)

I'm kind of amused at the wailing and gnashing of teeth, especially over Owen, given how many people use to HATE him and threw all sorts of nasty epithets in his direction. (And make fun of my Jack/Owen love.) Major to Kudos to Burn Gorman and a few of the writers for doing enough of a turn-around on the character to redeem him from just being a "wank!boy."

Of course my single biggest worry was anything resembling J/I schmoop. I was completely terrified that within the context of hurting Jack, it would be presented that the best way to do that would be to hurt Ianto. Apparently not. And those who may have used (ahem) stopwatches to report that if anyone got more/better hug-time it was Gwen.

Am I petty and evil to want to make sure there's no J/I snogging/shagging/twoo-wuv in the midst of pain and mourning? Damn skippy. On the other hand, I still relish Jack's statement in CJH, "No, there's no-one." (At a point when by general consensus, something sexual was going on with Ianto.) Sometimes I hate this show for making me such a petty, evil bitch on this one issue, but there it is.

And a group hug? Jack's gonna need a lot of love after what he's been through. THREES
OME! With it's own cool OT3 monicker-JIG. (Not as good as Ode to JOI, but still pretty cool.)

And this is where it ends for quite awhile. If there is a new series it won't be for quite some time. I still have lots of plot bunnies in motion, which I think I can fit into the canon as it exists. I'm coming home with gift stories for some of you, and lots of mmom fics in the works.

I'll still write a proper Torchbabble when I get home and watch the show.

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