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Torchwood babble-Exit Wounds

No, I didn’t cry.

Not sure if I would have without the spoilerage, but I didn’t.


I love Jack giving orders and including Rhys as one of his minions. Maybe they are setting up Rhys to join the team. Rhys asking if they can all fit in. Maybe it’s like a TARDIS-bigger on the inside?

Jack/John-Whoooo-hooo. The fun. The chemistry. Our song. “I love you.”

Andy/Rhys-Totally adorable.

Tosh/Ianto-Badass tough stuff. Excellent. Another pairing I could have lived with. I really only hate Ianto with Jack. Put him in a scene with ANYBODY ELSE and I’m cool.
(And I’ll take this minute to throw in a PUKEPUKEPUKEPUKE for the Captain’s Blog at BBCA for Adrift. OH PLEASE. Yeah, I get that it’s obviously being written by a J/I fangirl but having this rubbish so close to an “official” source that some people will consider it canon is an insult to those of use with functioning brain cells and gag reflexes.)

Owen in the basement with the Hoyk (sp?)-awesome.

Jack must have had a heavy-duty valiant flash-back when he woke up like that.
The electric shocks here and various abuse he suffers in this episode makes me wonder about whether RTD thinks Jack needs to be punished for his good looks, charms, even his sexuality although I would hope not.

Bondage jokes. Hee.

Jack can’t come to the comms right now but if you leave a message. Hee hee. John gets so many good lines and James Marsters delivers them brilliantly. They definitely need to bring him back if there is another series. Because again-the chemistry with JB and also with Eve is awesome.

And almost nothing makes me happier than Capt. John mocking Ianto. “So masterful, so bossy, so essentially powerless.” HAHAHAH


“Seventeen simultaneous pleasures in the Lotus Nebula.” (Now that’s a vacation.)

Burying scene: Loved Jack’s nod to John.

“On your knees.”
“It’s sex sex sex with you people.”

We’ve been waiting for that line all season. It’s sort of meta, but I liked it anyway.

Ewwwwwww-wristband/skin thing.

And the great lines just keep on coming:

“Weevil wake-up call.”

“King of the Weevils.”

“Fort Apache the Bronx.”

I swear-Rhys/Andy-best comedy duo ever.

Ianto/Gwen hug. Nice. See---they have chemistry.

And there’s Ianto---STILL FUCKING WHINING0---- For the last time this series—SHUT THE FUCK UP, IANTO!!!!

Meanwhile-Owen is exuding all kinds of awesomeness with the nuclear technician and even more as the Owen/Tosh shooting/death scenes continue. The acting brilliance is outstanding here.

“I forgive you.” Jack/Gray equals Doctor/Master? It’s a little too obvious, I think and I’m not sure it’s a perfect analogy, but it can’t be an accident either. Once again, Barrowman man pulls off the impossible, because I don’t think the scenes were well written and yet he totally sold it and the man cries beautifully.

What did Andy say after Rhys asked where the Weevils had gone? Played it twice, still can’t understand it.

ANNNNNNDDDDDD-Gwen gets a full hug, Ianto gets a shoulder touch. Karaokegal breaths a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the Owen/Tosh brilliance goes on. Loved the reference to Aliens of London. Interesting that in his second week, Owen was hung-over. Presumably still drinking/mourning his fiancée. Which means Jack knew exactly how fucked up Owen was and kept him around anyway. (My Jack/Owen fetish will NOT die with Owen.)

Burn totally hits it out of the park with his last few lines.

Jack and Gwen hold Tosh through her death scene. Lovely.

Jack/John-really nice final scene, which actually talks about PENANCE.

And I’m still not sure that Jack is referring to penance for letting Gray go.

Jack/Gwen/Ianto each mourning alone. Very nice scene.

Tosh’s video-If I was close to crying that was it. Naoko-brilliant. And at least addressing the way she came into TW. Nice. “I love you, all of you.” Echo of “I came back for you, all of you?”

Final group hug…Gwen still getting more of a cuddle. Me doing an unseemly fist in the air.

“The end is where we start from.”



And now we’re on to Doctor Who, where THANK YOU BABY JESUS, I have no investment for or against any character or ship, beyond my passion for Jack/Doctor.

Should I bother with Who-babbles?
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