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Torchwood Series 2 Discussion-THE KISS

So we've come to the end of the 2nd series and there hasn't been any sign of the THE KISS.

For those members of Hermits United who don't know, John Barrowman in his autobiography describes a scene where Ianto has a melt-down in the Hub and Jack comforts him which leads to a kiss. When they shot the scene, the director played a practical joke and left John and GDL kissing for over two minutes before they realized it what was happening.

By my count the only actual lip-lock of the 2nd series was the kiss in To The Last Man, which is awfully protracted, but doesn't seem to fit the description unless John is interpretating Ianto's whining about Jack wanting to go back to his own time as a "melt-down."

The other major possibility is the Jack/Ianto scene in Adam, where Ianto confesses to the murders that Adam planted in his head and Jack refuses to believe him. If there was a kiss there, it's been completely excised, which from my perspective is a gift. Because if there had been a "comfort" kiss there, I would not be able to stand as firmly in my conviction that it ain't love as I still do.

Does anybody see any other places in the series where this scene could have occurred?

The best part is as it stands now, that leaves only one major kiss along the lines of EOD for the whole 2nd series and still nothing CLOSE to the CJH kiss. I just watched Adrift and was thrilled to notice that among whatever activity was going on in the green-house, there was only a very short bit of lip contact on the screen. (Reminding me that IF any Jack/Ianto sex ocurred prior to Countrycide, it couldn't have involved kissing, unless they both lied.)

And now I'm off to type up the rest of my trip notes and the story I finished on the plane.
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