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Vacation report-Maui 2008-Day Six

Déjà vu-That strange feeling that we’ve lived through something before…

This time we had the wake-up call at 7:00AM and by 8:00AM we were in the parking lot doing the whole kinky bungee cord thing all over again. By leaving a little later, we had more light and warmth for the initial leg of the journey out of Lahaina, but rain still kicked in at exactly the same spot. We stopped and put on our rain ponchos and proceeded feeling pretty cool and smug for being so well-prepared.

Got to Paia and ate breakfast at Charley’s. Best breakfast of the trip, possibly best meal. I had biscuits, gravy, eggs and rice. It was all perfect, including the non-hungover waitress. She didn’t call us “hon,” but she certainly could have. Hubby had Eggs Benedict, which he almost always does when we eat out, and pronounced it excellent.

Once we left Charley’s we’d officially gotten farther from Lahaina than we’d been on the trip.

That's when the rain really started coming down. We went the rest of the way on the famous 55 mile “Road to Hana” and I’d have to say it was raining at least 60% percent of the time, on and off. Sometimes drizzle, sometimes pouring. Even with the ponchos it was pretty miserable, especially for hubby, who had to keep his eyes open the whole way and had the responsibility for keeping us both alive.

In case you don’t know, the Hana Highway is a narrow, two-lane highway with squiggles and bends and hairpin turns and bridges and all sorts of ways to fuck you up, even when you’re not riding a motorcycle in the pouring rain. The rain made it very hard to appreciate the scenery, spectacular as it might have been.

By the time we got to Hana, I was started to think the somewhat heretical thought the “Hana Mystique” was a bit over-rated and maybe it was one of those things that’s more about the having done than actually doing. Something to knock off a list.

We stopped at the famous Hasawaga General Store (sort of the Alice’s Restaurant of Hana), wandered around the Hana Maui Botanical Garden which is where our B&B was located. It wasn’t very well kept AT ALL. The coconuts that were painted with numbers to guide the way were in disarray and while there were lots of plants, nothing was marked and everything was over-grown and even though it wasn’t raining anymore, the grass was still wet and the sky was overcast. We also visited the “Lava Tube” a volcanic cave, which I have to admit was very interesting, but in general I was getting cranky.

JoLoyce and her kids showed up and we said Hi. Right then I managed to lock us out of the room. (Apparently no one ever actually locks the door, so the fact that the lock/key situation was problematical turned out to be a surprise.) They had to let us back in by taking a screen of the window and letting hubby crawl in.

There’s no place to eat late except the restaurant at the big, fancy hotel and hubby decided we’d be better off getting some stuff at Hasawaga General Store and cooking ourselves, since we had a stove in our studio. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was hormones, maybe it was just a little of everything, but it was kind of low point #3. If there were any way we could have gotten back to Lahaina that night, I would have done so. I’m afraid I wasn’t being very pleasant as we walked on the black sand beach at the Hana Beach Club.

Back at the room, I made macaroni and cheese with Spam (to make it more Hawaiian) and we spent the night talking with hubby playing Ukulele. There was no TV, and no sound of waves, although at about midnight I heard some rather torrential rain on our tin roof.

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