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Back to reading Fanfic.

I'm actually seeing and enjoying some hot J/I/G threesome fic. Proving once again that it's not so much hating Ianto or even Jack/Ianto as the idea of Jack loving Ianto on some level that wipes out who I fell in love with in his original Dr. Who appearance. Hot J/I/G with EQUAL time for Gwen as a full sexual partner and some very nasty talk on Ianto's part works just fine for me. (Although a major NO to any pet names for Ianto on Jack's part, and what would be the point of calling him "Anto" anyway?)

I think the ending of Exit Wounds makes such a situation inevitable, especially since I think the "Hide and Seek line" as well as Jack's interaction with the Torchwood Ladies in Fragments, bolsters the previous hints that he's very much a threesome guy. (Executioners, twin acrobats, possibly Nine/Rose.)

So I feel somewhat vindicated that I'm not just a "hater." If J/I/G are in bed together and Jack is NOT treating Gwen like a third wheel or an intruder and it's HOT and WELL-WRITTEN, I'm good to go.

ETA-It can also be awesomely hot Jack/Ianto/Tosh sex. Or moody, angry Ianto/Owen. Or Jack/Ianto hate!sex. etc etc.

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