karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

And I'm Feelin' Good...

Well, better anyway.

Third day back at the Desk of Doom is the first one where I've felt like I was completely back on my game. It took awhile to adjust to the time difference, the jet-lag, the lack of waves, the cold and just having to do my job again instead of being a lazy, pampered princess.

Also I need a new alarm clock as mine has completely given up the ghost.

There was also some drah-ma between Steve (my new, hopefully to be permanent) co-worker and Bubbles, the regional manager, but she came over today and that's all been (I think) sorted out.

I think it's also warmed up a little. Monday and Tuesday seemed overly cold and windy even for San Francisco, but it might just be me adapting to being back here.

I'm a little sad that I couldn't go to Cardiff or London for one of John Barrowman's shows, but thanks to hllangel and kijikun for calling me right after to share the Squeeeeeeeee and to everyone who's posted concert reports. I'm still hoping that John will do at least one concert in North America while he's working on "Maria" for the CBC. Anywhere on this continent and I promise, I will find a way, even if it means calling in sick, hocking the credit card, selling my soul etc. Does anybody have any idea who the appropriate deity to pray to and what specific sacrifices might work?

And I finally saw Doctor Who. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I don't have enough snark for a Who-babble. I was just so happy to see the Doctor in action again and I gotta say (again) it's just such a relief NOT to be caught up in a ship thing and just be able to enjoy the show minute by minute on its own merits. I don't ship Doctor/Donna but I do love them and that makes a lot of difference. It almost makes me nostalgic for pre-House when I still watched shows without ship or slash glasses in place. My biggest squeeeeeee was not the Rose appearance, which was nice, (I don't have Rose issues) but the "volcano day" reference in the trailer for next week. Because you all know who my real Doctor Who ship is.

Time to pretend to do some work.
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