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New Year 2006

Feeling blorchy. Much coughing and congestion.

Are there any fellow Henry Jaglom fans out there?
I went to see Going Shopping yesterday. This is in the
same vein as Eating and Baby Fever with both a sort of
narrative plot and the "interviews". I love this style. I love not knowing what's real and what's unscripted. I even loved Rob Morrow. I've never liked him before but I must say he twinkled most adorably. I watch Numb3rs cos I like the premist (and I wuv Peter McNichol) but the fact is that Morrow's part in that could be played by a plank of wood. In this he was just natural and adorable. Since he had to twinkle at Victoria Foyt who is lovely and talented but a bit ahem chewed up looking, I give him double props.

Came home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD. OH JOHNNY! YOU DA MAN! Too long and slow in places but Johnny going over the top is irrisistable. Ditto Geoffrey Rush. (He was also awesome OTT in Mystery Men which I watched last week.)

And Bravo to Tivo for another House Episode that I hadn't seen yet.

Happy 2006 to my fellow LJ-ers and anyone else who's peeking in.
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