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Behind cuts for length and/or spoilers.

Dr. Who-Fires of Pompeii.

Ok, it's Volcano Day, but you-know-who is nowhere in sight. *sigh* On the other hand I cannot tell you how much I'm loving the Doctor and Donna together. In a completely non-shippy way. I just love how she is so all up in his face in a way that neither Rose nor Martha seemed to have the balls to accomplish. I think with Rose/Nine it would have been hard because of the age dynamic and with Ten, the romantic thing (whatever you think of it) had already been established and then with Martha there was also her crush, but Donna is just balls out and not taking any of his crap.

I have a major essay to write about loving a pairing vs shipping them. I don't ship Donna/Doctor, but I just love them to death. It makes me think of myself on a parallel world where House MD didn't have Wilson and I still loved the show for the wit and drama and intelligence (first two seasons) and ended up loving House and Cuddy, but never getting to the House/Wilson shippiness
that pretty much defined my life for over two years. I doubt I would have started writing fic and I'd just be one of those people who just enjoys the show on its own merits.

Anyway, back to the Doctor and Donna and Pompei. None of it makes any sense, but it all makes me smile. I guess the 2nd episode always has to be a "back in time," right? I love the anachronisms, the slightly gay son who hangs out with Etruscans and the funny word play. It's all just total happiness, even the dramatic moments. And can I say again---I love the Doctor and Donna.

Spoiler for future spoilers below---avert your eyes if you don't want to know....







I cannot wait for Donna to meet Jack. And I would so love it if she actually did MIND (or protested) the typical Jack introduction.

Life On Mars

Up to Episode Three.

Love John Simm in his 70's garb. Love the Manchester accents. LOVELOVELOVE the music. I HAD to sing Ballroom Blitz at the Mint on Sunday just because of that episode. Even Sam's periodic bursts of Emo-angst are so far ok with me. I think my favorite thing is the whole deconstruction of a typical 70's cop show. It's almost like an on-going Meta on Starsky & Hutch, Baretta, Streets of San Francisco, etc. Are there UK cop shows being referenced as well? (Obviously I'm two years late to party, so I'm sure all these insights have already been wanked to death.)

And speaking of Wanking--
I know the obvious ship is Sam/Gene with it's almost in-your-face hate!sex potention, for whom some brilliant smut has been written, but I'm sort of drawn to the Sam/Chris relationship, which has a lot of potential and might be making an mmom appearance.


We went through the whole first disk last night--six episodes.

Wow. I'm loving the premise, the writing, the acting, the snark. I adore shows that are predicated on the evil undertones of the suburbs. It's like Peyton Place for the 2000's, althought as my husband pointed out, that Malvina Reynolds song is pretty much one of the most annoying things in history.

The major accomplishment of this show is making me like Kevin Nealon, which I did not think was possible. And OH MY GOD, Elizabeth Perkins totally rocks my world.


hllangel came over for what will be our last night at the Mint together for awhile.
It was a really nice evening even though there were three birthday parties happening and by 530PM the crowd was like a Friday Night at 10PM. The heat wave was still in progress when we went up the hill, so I was wearing my Maui dress and Mary Jane Crocs.

I present Sebastian with his Aloha Shirt. Daddy Dave was wearing the one I gave him from the Aquarium and I think Jim was wearing the one I brought him as well. blueashke was there and I think her hair looks adorable. :)

hllangel style, I pretty much told her she was going to sing Downtown, which turned out to be a good pick as she kicked ass and the whole bar was singing along.

My first number was (as previously mentioned) Ballroom Blitz which went over well, and fit in with a rockin' vibe established by the singer before me, a 50's ish gent who sang (so help me) War Pigs.

In the second round, which took a long time because of the crowd, she did her John tribute of "Man of La Mancha" which John has been doing in the live shows. I sang "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic," although it's just not the same without the Mariachis and Giovanni took over "Sunset Boulevard," which was perfect for his voice.

I got in one more song, Barry Manilow's version of "Give My Regards to Broadway," before hllangel had to go. By this time the fog had come and the heat wave was most emphatically over. I had brought my sweatshirt and it was barely enough, but she was in the short sleeves from earlier.


I got the sushi and got home by about nine to do the Weeds watching referenced above.

I did get some more work done on one of my TW fics in progress and when I got home I worked on typing up the bits of NOVEL 2008 that I did in Maui.

Hubby's back to work tonight so hopefully I'll get back to the gym tomorrow.
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