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Meme a day 2008-Day 108-Old Post Meme

Ganked from ignazwisdom

Sometimes the random things we've written are the best to read. So comment here, and I'll give you a month and year.(You might want to mention when you started your LJ.) You choose a few lines from something you wrote that month and post them in your journal, along with an offer to choose dates for anyone who comments.

Iggy gave me August 2006

Here's a snippet from the massive amount of whinging and whining I did while I was working on the Chasefic That Ate My Life for duerbp.

So hubby's been working for twelve hours and probably didn't get enough sleep beforehand and all he wants to do is eat a bagel, watch some television and get to sleep and I'm grunching around the house, getting ready for work, going on and on and on about my 10,000 words and how I had to write one hand job, one cuddle, plus various incidences of oral sex and other activities. And he said as politely as possible, but with infinite weariness..."I'm just not interested."
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