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Responses to "Top Five" Meme

Here are my responses to requests for "Top Five Lists" from Yesterdays Meme

Top Five Places To Be Requested by michelleann68

1. The Mint on a Sunday afternoon
2. The hot tub at Lahaina Shores in Maui
3. Fillmore and Jackson, looking down into the Marina
4. Monterey Bay Aquarium-watching the Sea Otters
5. Somewhere in London, lets say Trafalgar Square.

Top Five TV Shows That Have Gone To TV Heaven Requested by lifebecomesart with an "amen" from vanillafluffy.

1. Deadwood
2. Star Trek-Original series
3. Black Sheep Squadron
4. Alias
5. Monty Python's Flying Circus

Top Five Episodes of TV Shows (of all time) Requested by vanillafluffy

1. Dr. Who-The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
2. Star Trek-A Piece of The Action
3. MI-5/Spooks-Rosebed Memoirs
4. House MD-Three Stories
5. Torchwood-Captain Jack Harkness

Top Five Guest Characters on House (can be anyone who is not main cast, including recurring roles) Requested by daisylily

1. Dwarf!mom (Merry Little Christmas)
2. Carmen Electra playing golf (Three Stories)
3. Chase's dad. (Cursed)
4. Foreman's mom. (Resignation)
5. Kalvin Ryan-(Hunting)

Top Five Least Pleasing Comments To Fic requested by drunken_hedghog

1. I'll give you my firstborn if you write a sequel.
2. Why do you have to write so much angst?
3. I don't think the characters would act like this.
4. How dare you write about real people? You are sick, evil, bad etc.
5. Any kind of spam, especially links to Russian hooker sites.

Top Five Ice Cream Flavours Requested by haldane

1. Chocolate Chip
2. Chunky Monkey (Ben & Jerry's)
3. Cherry Garcia (Ben & Jerry's)
4. Haagen Daas Pumpkin Pie-I did NOT hallucinate this. It was on the market for one month about 6 years ago and it was incredible.
5. Baskin Robbins Egg Nog
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