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Who-babble for Planet of the Ood


What is it with RTD and the oh-so-subtle message episodes? It's like the worst of Meat and Reset rolled into one. FEH!!!!

Slavery is bad. WOW! I had no idea. Along with a bit of haulocaust imagery and the IRONY of having the two major minions be an woman of Indian original and a black man.

The Ood didn't do too much for me the first time around, so seeing their spaghetti mouths again didn't really make my night.

But I'll tell you what did: Tim McInnerny. Looking and sounding (for most of the episode) exactly as he did on Spooks/MI5 as Three Button Nasty Oliver Mace. Plus bonus points for his days on Blackadder as Lord Percy, Lord Topper and best of all Captain Darling.

I couldn't believe it was him at first so I checked Wicki and found this lovely paragraph:

In summer 2007 he played Iago in Othello at Shakespeare's Globe on Bankside in London. In April 2008, he guest starred in the episode "Planet of the Ood" of the fourth series of Doctor Who as an Ood slaver, alongside David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

How awesome are English actors? Damn, I'll bet he was amazing as Iago.

My love for Donna goes on. Because that's EXACTLY what I would do if I walked out and it was fucking freezing. I'd go in and get a COAT! (Whereas I bet Rose--and I like Rose-would have gone out there and gotten hypothermia, just so the Doctor would have to warm her up.)

YAY DONNA and YAY David Tennant for being so gosh-darned adorable, but Boooooo RTD!!!!

Can we please have some FUN next week?

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