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Hugh's new movie: Anybody seen it yet?

Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves and Forest Whittaker was released on April 11.

I don't think the studio had a lot of faith in it, despite the cast and the James Ellroy script. I know there was a last-minute title change because over the summer when we were talking about Hugh Laurie filming, it had a different name, which is escaping me at the moment.

I've already seen one fic with Hugh's character up at fryandorlaurie.

I think I'll plan a movie outing with the hubby this weekend and just tell him "Look, sweetie, I have no idea if the movie is any good, but it's Hugh so I have to go."

Speaking of House-mates in movies.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Why does this bother me so much? I mean Hugh's done plenty of stuff that wasn't high-minded or serious, everything from Blackadder to Stuart Little, and even Jesse Spencer did Uptown Girls but that was BEFORE House MD.

The idea of someone who is now playing one of House's fellows (which I most sincerely wish he wasn't) being in this kind of a movie, just annoys and offends the hell out of me.

It's one thing to have something embarrassing on your resume (Shark Attack 3, anybody?) but to have this thing out at the same time that House is about to start back up and we're supposed to take him seriously, even if they're mostly using him as comic relief, just feels insulting.

Never mind the insultingness of the whole premise, which is a different rant.
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