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Moose Jammies

Another reason to love San Francisco. On warm days, which yesterday actually was, most of the city is sitting in front of their houses or apartments selling their shit to the rest of the city.

We were on our way to Chow for brunch, when I spotted the bottoms of a pair of pajamas with moose on them. I honestly could not resist such a thing and I am sitting in my living room wearing them right now. Dark blue flannel jammie bottoms with moose.

Unfortunately I'm also coughing. I've had a dry cough on and off for a few weeks, but now it's not so dry and I was coughing so hard last night I've now got a sore throat and sore ears.

I'm going ot gargle with some salt water, take a hot bath and try and get out for a few miles. Bay to Breakers is coming up (wheeeeeee!!!) and I need to get myself back to a comfortable seven miles.

So I checked Wicki and found out that the original title was The Night Watchman, which really makes no sense. Street Kings does, kind of.

It's a bad move. but at least it's a fun bad movie. James Ellroy writes a very over-the-top vernacular that's fun to listen too. Keanu Reeves is doing the kind of thing he does well. I can watch him as long he's doing period or trying to be serious.

Forrest Whitaker. DUDE! You just won a fucking Academy Award and you're doing this? Sheesh. Man I hope you got oodles of money.

The plotting did not leave much to be guessed at if you've ever seen a movie or tv show of this genre.

Of course I didn't go to see it for any reason but Hugh Laurie and he certainly delivered the goods in terms of looking hot, getting off some good snark, and it's fun getting to hear him do real cursing instead of truncated television stuff. Biggs is no Jools, but it's a good part and it's better than sitting through another Stuart Little movie.

Not really enough to Babble about in a separate post.

Hello Martha, you gorgeous creature. I don't know what there is about Freema's smile, but it's one of the wonders of the world.

And thankyouthankyouthankyou RTD for NOT giving us a replay of the Rose/Sarah Jane cat-fight.

Donna continues to rock my world and extra points for Granddad. On the other hand, what is Russell's problem with mothers?

So far I'm not sure what this weeks message is supposed to be. Cars are bad? Milatirism is bad?
Smartass kids who give of a real Eddie Munster vibe are bad? Maybe we'll find out next week.

Still stockpiling mmom fics and I even pulled my dark!Jeeves fic out for a little work. I'll finish it one of these years.

OK, gotta get out for a bit.

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