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My mother, my dog and clowns.

None of whom will actually be appearing in this post, but we did watch another ep of LOM last night. This was #5 of the first series, which I'd actually some how managed to skip over on my way to #6.

Just when I think I can't love the show more, they do a Football themed ep, which for some reason made me all kinds of happy, not to mention the whole undercover in the bar and Sam trying to cook.

This show can be all kinds of dark, but this episode was (mostly) fun. I practically expected some kind of reference to Beckham. I actually got chills when the United fans were doing the same chant that Robert Carlyle did as the psycho-Football fan in his episode of Cracker. Plus the Jacket was on display. My love for Captain Jack's coat is unbounded with the Tenth Doctor's a close second, but Sam's Jacket could give them a run for their money. And to hear John Simm say "I saw Dr. Who and he gave me some pills," was beyond Squeeeee-making.

Please, dear god in Television Heaven, do not let ABC or any other network make an American Version. One Word: Coupling!

Happy Birthday to kj_draft. I don't see you around much, but I'm thinking of you, especially as we start the new House Episodes tonight. I hope your ship gets some fanservice. You guys have been through a lot and you deserve some kind of payoff.

PIMPAGE: (Pimping ain't easy, most of them fleece me every night...)

Welcome the ever-delightful vanillafluffy to the ranks of TW writers with Quiet On The Set . I won't kid you
folks, it's dark, but considering what the most innocent-looking fangirls have imagined for the Valiant period, it's not completely beyond the sea. I'm doing a little personal happy dance (of the eeeeevil) variety, that's she's come on board to the fandom.

And for those of you (that would be ME!) who like to wallow in Jack/Doctor angst.
Realization by haldane is up at omni_fiction.


Very interesting discussion HERE regarding David Paterson, the governor of New York, specifically how he functions as a blind person, which does NOT include the use of braille.



I'm still flummoxed by the Monday night thing and think it's a horrible idea. Especially if means we'll be up against MNF at some point. It also screws up the in-joke of House saying he'll be okay on Tuesday in Frozen.

But I will be there, ready to see if the spoilers, which I won't mention here, play out as the squeeeeing has predicted. (And if my next Hugh and Bobby fic is going to be Pre-Jossed. (Joss not, lest ye be....anyway.)

Karaoke---it was crazy yesterday. Two parties going on and lots of people singing. Plus there's this coughing thing I've still got going on. I did Midnight Confessions and Boulevard of Broken Dreams and got out. Before I left a bachelorette party showed up and I told blueashke that it was like a take-out buffet for her. (Drunk straight girls in a gay-bar wearing sashes. So much fun.)


Happy Birthday gin200168.

May the hottie of your dreams show up to help you (ahem) blow out the candles.

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