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MMOM 2008 Day 1-"A Night At The Opera" Spooks/MI5

Title: A Night At The Opera
Fandom: Spooks/MI5
Pairing: Jools Siviter/OFC
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 235
Notes: Starting the Merry Month with a bit of Jools! Originally written as a cheer-up drabble for vanillafluffy, who gave me the prompt: Jools, Opera, Mistress. Special shout-out to kohlrimmedeye who saw the opera, although not necessarily the performance in question.
Looked at by beta_goddess, but I've tinkered, so the boo-boos are all mine.

Jools lit a cigar just outside the Royal Opera House, feeling a hint of nostalgia for the days when smoke practically obliterated the view of the stage, and a man wouldn’t have to risk missing an aria to indulge his vices.

There were, of course, other pleasures one could experience in a private box with a bottle of the best brandy and a date hand-picked for looks, and willingness to perform other tasks, as directed.

While appreciating the charms of Nadja Michael as Salome, Jools had also been treated to the deft hands of Mme. Sharina Volkert, who had cleverly managed to time her move toward the front of his trousers, so that his exclamation of release coincided with the climax of Act 1, allowing his cries of “brava” to be rather amusingly misinterpreted.

Sharina had come highly recommended by the Saudi Ambassador and been more than worth the information it had taken to secure the arrangement. The Americans would hardly notice that more of their weapons had gone missing. They were exceedingly careless that way.

Tonight had been her debut in the role of his companion, but as he offered his arm to lead her into the waiting limousine, Jools had decided to engage her for a longer run.

London was full of lovely women, but so very few could make him sing at their touch.

It would be a fine season, indeed.

Tags: fanfic, jools siviter, mmom 2008, spooks/mi5

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