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Meme a day 2008-Day 118-Ten Things I Assume You Know About Me

Ganked from ignazwisdom

Here are ten things I assume you, as a reader of this journal, know about me, writer of this journal. :) Not ten things you HAVE to know, but ten things I generally don't bother explaining, because ... I assume you know them!

I also thought this might be helpful, since I seem to have gotten a bunch of new friends lately.
*Waves to new friends.*

1. I'm a comment junkie.

Actually, the proper phrase is "comment crack-whore." This applies mostly to my fic. I realize that no one owes me comments. Hell no one has to read anything I write, but there's no worse feeling in the world than the dead internet silence of NO COMMENTS. I can take con-crit folks. Yeah, I really mean it. Of course key-board flailing and offers of marriage are nice too. (Not so much with the first born, I'm not all that maternal.)

Things have gotten better since my worst crack-whore melt-downs, but I still love the curry if you know what I mean.

2. I'm a published writer.
I don't talk about it a lot because it was nearly ten years ago, the books didn't sell very well and are now out of print, although available very cheaply on Alibris and elsewhere. I had delusions of being a successful author at the time and the fact that it didn't happen for whatever reason is still a source of some disappointment to me. I recently sold a story to an erotica anthology and it's the closest thing I've come to professional writing since then. Sometimes I allude to West Hollywood. That's the book I spent about 8 years writing after the last book was published and then failed to sell.

I'm currently working on NOVEL 2008-A/K/A-When Your Lover Has Gone and determined to finish it this year.

3. I'm bi-fictional and proud.

The slogan of this LJ is "Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything."

I'm fairly intolerant of either "EWWWWWWW HET" or "EWWWWWWW Slash" or even "EWWWWWWWW I Hate That Pairing" as the singular reason for NOT reading something. I will even read pairings I hate, including THAT ONE, if it's an author I trust to do something with it that I'd want to read.

I read and write het, slash, femslash, in multiple fandoms.

4. I'm a House-frau

House MD is still my #1 Fandom.

I realize a look at my recent fic postings don't necessarily bear that out. To all extents and purposes I'm having a fairly torrid affair with the Dr. Who/Torchwood-verse. However it was House that brought me back to fanfic and LJ and my current "fannish" life and even though I rail at the shows current failings, it's still MY show to rail about.

5. The Divorce

I went through a nasty LJ divorce last year. One of those situations that occur where you go from LJ friends, INTERNET SOUL MATES, to thinking someone really cared about you, to having your heart cut out. Unfortunately my f-list is a bit incestuous to that person's, so I'm forced to "see" them from time to time and it still hurts. I sometimes post about it. I usually filter when I do that, but if you happen to see me foaming at the mouth, ranting, raving, whinging, whining about my unspeakable pain, that's why.

6. I'm married.

In real life I'm married to the lovely Mr.karaokegal. He is a wonderful human being who puts with all kinds of mishegas LJ related and otherwise. He often makes appearances in my LJ entires.

7. Karaoke.

I'm a karaoke addict. When I'm home in SF, I go to the Mint Karoake lounge at least once week, usually Sunday afternoon. Friends from the Mint, such as Sebastian, David O, Daddy Dave, Bartender Jim, Bartender Ben, Giovanni, Brendan, Peggy, etc, are often mentioned.

8. I hate my job

Pretty much anyone who's read my LJ journal entries for any length of time probably knows this.

I work as a corporate travel agent onsite in a law firm. I hate it. Reallyreallyreally hate it.
Especially the limousines.

BUT for all the bitching, I make good money and I'm not prepared to go do retail while I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

9. I love my City

I've been living in San Francisco since June of 1987 and I love it. Even when I'm miserable. Even when it's cold. I think anyone who has the honor of living in San Francisco and isn't finding some way to be happy just isn't trying. (Obviously, this doesn't include homeless people, although some of my local street people still manage to look fairly chipper.)

As I always say, there's no place to live, no place to park and the cost of living is insane. I still can't imagine living anywhere else, in spite of the fact that this means I will probably never be a home-owner and therefore never have the dog of my dreams.

I'm not always proud to be an American or even always proud to be a Californian, but I am always proud to be a San Franciscan.

10. Barrowmania

A recent affliction dating only back to last summer, but at the moment a chronic obsession, as reflected in fic, posting, icons and attempts at conversion of innocent bystanders.

The looks, the talent, the charm, the dogs, and the OUTNESS! all combine to have me seriously ga-ga. If you hang around the Chelsea Drugstore for any amount of time you will run into the Barrowmania.

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