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Housebabble for Live The Dream

Babble behind the cut includes promo spoilers for next week.

I got a good night's sleep last night!

In other words, nothing about this episode forced me to get up and write fanfic to either expand on something I liked or fix something I hated.

It actually felt closer to an episode I could actually watch without cringing through every single minute.

On some level, I supposed my angst-bunny self should be miffed that there's no follow through on last week's "betrayal," and House is back to snarking about Wilson/Amber, but not actively trying to break them up or impose himself into the relationship. But after last weeks heavy-meta suicide epsiode, I was just as happy with something a little lighter.

All the issues are still there. The boys still want each other and neither one is prepared to admit it. I'm kind of liking Amber, although she was complete channeling House-"Have you met me? I can take care of myself. I need you to take care of you." That actually got to me. I still don't think this is going to survive the season, but it's a more interesting take than I would have given Katie/David et al credit for. And finally---RSL gets a hot scene. WHEW! Even if it got curtailed, he looked seriously yummy. I'm sure there's a million wank!fics to be written following Amber's departure. Not sure I want to do that one though.

I did feel like there was more "real" House/Wilson and less fanservice, although apparently the whole bed thing is right out of a specific Housefic, probably more than one.

Where the hell is Amber working? Cuddy can make her change poopy sheets at PPTH, but I don't thinks he's working there. It almost sounds like she's doing some kind of consulting rather than being, you know, a doctor.

The plot was sort of fun, including all kinds of opportunites for Hugh-hotness. The cap. The sun-glasses. The black jacket. There was one moment where he was making absolutely adorable "Bertie" faces.

I'm a little sad that we have to give up the reality of House's soap being GH for the fake one, but I liked having an actual medical based plot for a change. However I still feel deprived of blood puking. We haven't had a good blood-puke in ages.

I totally loved House calling out for FCC and them appearing. The credits haven't been changed yet. There's still hope.

What was up with Chase leaving? Booooo! Hisssssss. (It was like a replay of Que Sera Sera. I hope it means Jesse was filming something this week. Maybe a guest shot on a show that actually knows how to use him?)

Oh I get it. It's another week of David re-floating the House/Cameron ship. I didn't mind those scenes. Cam was holding her own, although you cannot convince me there are boobs where there are no boobs just by saying there are and showing skin. Porn in the 2nd drawer! Good one, Cam! And much as I hate him for it, Hugh was acting the hell out of those scenes as well. And of course the ones with Cuddy. He really does have chemistry with everyone, although he doesn't seem to be bothering to use it on the Newbies.

Dear 13-If you are not happy, please feel free to L-E-A-V-E. (And House, stop fucking teasing me by saying you'll fire her.)

Dear Taub-Your "complications" do not interest me. GO AWAY. (Take Kutner with you, although he's marginally growing on me, but only by comparison.)

Verrrrry interesting that House was wrong about the patient. Does that mean he is also supposed to be wrong about Wilson and Amber?

NEXT WEEK? Another hallucination? Will there be exploding testicles? Are they actually going to deal with some of the H/W issues they keep raising and pretending don't exist? Will it be THE MOST SHOCKING EPISODE EVER?

And to add a surreal touch to the night Kal Penn was on Countdown talking about Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. He managed to hold his own with Keith, but I think he was a little shocked to actually be there. Interestingly, he was only introduced as one of the stars of the movie, not even a passing "also appears as Dr. Kutner" reference to House at all.
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