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Have I posted about my miserable job lately?

Maybe it's something in the air, as both vanillafluffy and fallen_arazil have posted in the last week about various annoyances and indignities associated with the completely unfair demand that we all have to perform tasks for a living rather than being paid for being our brilliant, lovely, ocasionally smutty selves.

I had a very unhappy client yesterday and in this case, it was totally my fault.

He was on a flight from Ontario to San Francisco, which is about a one-hour flight and he was seated next to the lavatory. The only (barely) funny part, is that his admin kept telling me how "pissed" he was, but I don't think she got the humor there.

This is the same guy who got the seat next to lavatory seat on international flight about a month ago. Part of the problem is that the seat maps in my Computer Res System don't show the bathrooms, along with the fact that his admin and I have been obsessed with getting him aisle seats and upgrades because god-forbid he be in coach or in a window seat.

In this case it was a one-cabin plane and we had him in an aisle and I didn't bother using www.seatguru.com to verify that the seat was not near the toilet. I had said I would do this for all his flights in the future and I flaked, probably because I was more involved in my LJ life than my "real life." Obviously (hopefully?) he doesn't know about that, but he did tell me I was unorganized and not paying attention and he was right. Basically I kept saying "I understand," but that's not what he wanted to hear.

He wants me to call him this morning, presumably for more goveling, and I'm kind of not in the mood. I want to talk to my regional manager first, but I'm sure the only answer is going to be more groveling. Maybe she can do it for me. Apologize on my behalf and tell him, I'll be getting extra supervision when I work on his stuff. It would be a lie, but I wouldn't have to talk to him.

Since there are two different travel agencies working on this account, one is tempted to tell him to take his black cloud and try the other agency for awhile and see if he likes it any better, but that's not going to be acceptable either and will come back to haunt me.

Really not looking forward to going in today.

Of course, no seats are perfect. If you're not near the bathroom, you're toward the back of the cabin and it's noisy, or you're near the galley, or you're seat isn't as big. Or something. Cause/Effect: Why do the most picky bastards have to do the most travel? Why is the firm so cheap they won't give a blanket approval for business class for all the partners? Although he WAS in business class on the international flight and still ended up by the lavatory, pretty much hating my guts for over 6 hours.

Special thanks to hllangel for cheering me up at the end of the day by sending pretty pictures of John.


And in medical news:

Advair is gross. It makes me retch every time I take a hit. And yet it seems to be working. The coughing has pretty much alleviated. Does this mean I'm stuck with it for the rest of my life because the Reactive Airways Disease is chronic, or does it mean it gets cured at some point.

Hubby news-
Frivolous-He shaved his hair off last week. He'd been growing it long and decided to give up for awhile. He was doing good on length, but there's a spot on his scalp that was not generating any hair and he's trying Minoxidil, but that's kind of gross on the long stuff. It's grown out to a nice fuzzy length right now and I like it. Middle-aged guy pony-tail wasn't really working for me.

For those who don't know, Mr. Karaokegal is a nurse working in a medical detox and someone tried to hang himself in the facility this week. He didn't succeed, but he's on bad shape, in a coma, on a respirator etc. Apparently everyone who had contact is pretty shaken up and trying to decide if he was signallling and they missed something.
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