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"Bedtime Stories" in six drabbles-PG13

Title: Bedtime Stories-in six drabbles.
Characters: The whole gang and a smidge of slash.
Rating: PG13-Barely
Spoilers: General 2nd season and specific for Euphoria.
Notes: This is so not my style.


House had never slept well. Young Greg had too many thoughts to think, books to read, curfews to break. After dad was reassigned stateside, he spent hours sitting too close to the television, learning to be tough from Robert Mitchum and John Garfield.

Getting by on no sleep had served him well during med school, residency and internship.

When he loved Stacy, he loved that she would stay awake with him and for him.

Now he lives with his pain, knowing sleep is an extra pill away, but night is his oldest friend and he can’t bear to abandon it.


Cuddy’s naps are a secret.

Days are too long, nights too are busy and she comes home jangly with caffeine. Somehow it’s easier to put her head down and let it all go for just five minutes. Her pager is on vibrate in her right hand. If she sounds flustered or snappish when woken up, it’s put down to her being a bitch. She can live with that.

House knows about the naps. He once asked if she had dreams in those brief intervals. She smiled, so naturally he made a lewd comment.

House only thinks he knows everything.


Good boys go to sleep on time and wake up when they’re supposed to. James Wilson has always been a very good boy.

Now he’s living with the bad boy. The one who always suggests another movie, another drink, another round of ‘Name That Tune’, which Wilson can never win. Only House could make darkness as alluring as daybreak, but Wilson resists. He has patients, meetings, and responsibilities.

House complains about his morning routine and eventually drags him into bed, thinking that a worn out Wilson would be a late-rising one. House has a lot to learn about good boys.

Cameron runs the treadmill until she’s exhausted. She stretches, takes a hot bath, drinks exotic herbal tea and goes to sleep with her arms around her pillow and House in her dreams.

From her first interview with House, Brian has been receding from her memory. She hated herself for letting go of the pain to which she had been wedded long after Brian was gone.

Now her sleep translates House’s insults into love songs and a single smile turns her dreams into peepshows that none of her co-prisoners could ever imagine. Only her fingers and her pillow know the truth.


Chase would like to sleep, but there’s too much to do. He has friends in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane. He answers their emails and letters. Sometimes he even picks up the phone just to hear someone who sounds like him.

He’s always just a little tired the next day, as if he still has jet-lag after two years in New Jersey. House might give him crap about his sleepy eyes. House gives him crap no matter what.

He wonders if the night with Cameron was real. It was the kind of dream he might have, if he could get enough sleep.


It’s all about the luxuries. Three hundred thread count sheets. Fluffy pillows. A goose-down comforter. Plasma TV. Bose Wave radio. Sometimes a gorgeous woman to appreciate his toys with him.

Foreman sleeps peacefully and comes to work ready to deal with House, the patients, and whatever else the insanity of a day at PPTH has to offer. Eric Foreman is a man with a plan.

Then he almost dies and the manipulative bastard saves his life. The thread count no longer soothes him and he fears sleep and dreams. Now he’s as tired and scared as the rest of them.

Tags: drabble, housefic

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