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MMOM Day 12-"More Than a Metaphor" House MD Rated R


Title: More Than a Metaphor
Fandom: House MD
Character: James Wilson (mention of House and others.)
Wordcount: 300
Rating: R
Notes: Dedicated to michelleann68(OMG! We're going to London!)who suggested "Wilson in a closet." Thanks to beta_goddess for all-around fabulousity.

Jimmy! Where are you?

The closet is on the second floor of the house in Ridgewood and smells of mothballs. With two brothers, Jimmy finds privacy where he can, when he can, when he absolutely has to, which is more and more frequently. If it’s not Jessica Levin in third period English, it’s his science teacher, who always seems to be slightly hung over but has green eyes that star in the mini-epics that play in his mind during his sessions among his dad’s old suits.

He learns to be quick and quiet, and becomes very comfortable in confined spaces.


James, where the hell are you?

Julie did the bulk of the house-hunting, but James gave the thumbs up to the split-level on Mayfair Terrace when he saw the walk-in closet next to the kitchen.

He’s a grown man with a wife and an addiction to pretty faces, but sometimes he still finds nothing as soothing and stimulating as the aroma of cedar and the feel of Julie’s fur coat against his cheek while he jerks off.

Julie’s looking for him and that makes it even better. The fur reminds him of a beard and the eyes he’s thinking about are bright blue.


Wilson! I know you’re in there.

Inside the supply closet, Wilson smiles.

His cock is in his hand, just as hard as it was back on the second floor. The fantasy is more focused now. He knows what he wants.

It’s enough to know that House is out there, using his cane to bang on the door and call Wilson a “closet case.”

He’s still quick, but doesn’t bother muffling the gasp that escapes his lips as he comes.

House stomps away, giving Wilson the freedom to come out of the closet unobserved.

Someday he will, for good.
Tags: house/wilson, housefic, mmom, mmom 2008

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