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OMG I'M GOING TO LONDON (And other stufff)

Includes TV Tidbits, for last week including Dr.Who, CSI and CSI-NY,and Numb3rs. Also, review of Iron Man. All behind the cut for length and extreme SQUEEEEEEEEEE-age. Also possible typos, not wearing glasses.

So I got through last week in my usual daze of doing as little actual work as possible. I went to the gym three days, the weather was fairly decent and I mmom was progressing nicely. I've been looking forward to a visit by michellean68 this coming weekend for use to hang out a bit, do Bay to Breakers and watch some of the UK shows I've only heard about, especially QI.

Then Thursday came the BULLSHIT about the client who got stuck near the lavatory on a one-hour flight from Ontario CA to San Francisco and it was like the bottom fell out and I was back to hating my job with a vengeance and just wanting out, even though I feel a tremendous lack of Nowhere to Run to Baby.

The next day, I talked to Bubbles, the regional manager, who is basically my boss. I really did not want to have to talk to the client and do the necessary groveling because I'd already done this particular grovel before and his attitude was that I'm unorganized and not paying enough attention to him, which is absolutely true. Bubble's answer was more or less to man up and do it. She was not going to call a client about a seat assignment, because that would validate his complaining, but I had to apologize and grovel and reiterate that his profile was documented and we'd go through www.seatguru.com on every flight and make sure he wasn't in any bad seats.

That day, the news broke that Burn Gorman was playing Bill Sykes in Oliver, along with Rowan Atkinson as Fagin and of course whoever won the "I'd Do Anything" show as Nancy and Oliver. I thought that was cool, but not terribly relevant to my life, until I got home and starting chatting with hllangel who was already going to be in the UK during that time to see John Barrowman in Panto in Birmingham. Somehow, by the next morning plans were hatched. Two Pantos and then to London to see Oliver. Me, hllangel, kijikun and michelleann68 who already has a trip planned in the fall to see David Tennant as Hamlet at the RSC.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I'm going to London. I'm gong to Birmingham. I'm going to see Burn. I'M FUCKING GOING TO SEE JOHN BARROWMAN.

Except....I don't really have enough money...AND, I'll need a week off in January, and my company doesn't even open up the calender for requesting time off until December.

I had a very long talk with hubby about how much I wanted to do this and he said I should try to get a free ticket, or try to get the company to let me pay one off, but if I had to, I could use the credit card. More or less, he said, that if I really needed to do this and it would make me happy-GO FOR IT!!!!

And as far as the time off....I'm just going on the assumption that I'm going to get it and if I don't, I'm calling in sick and if I get fired then Thank You John Barrowman for finally getting me out of this hell hole.

Theoretically, I'm getting one of those Economy Stimulus checks in the summer, so in a way George W. Bush is partiallygoing to pay for me to go the UK and ogle a delightfully OUT gay man there. Fabulous.

I still feel all giddy and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ish about the whole endeavour. I went in yesterday and asked bubbles about the ticket thing, which obviously tipped my hand about the time off. I told her I needed to know about the ticket by Thursday because I'd made a booking that had to be ticketed. She said she felt "cornered." I told her not to worry. I had the card ready to go. As far as the time off, she said she didn't know if it would be approved. I kind of ignored her. First of all, I have a lot of seniority in the region. 2nd of all, January isn't that busy on the DOD, third, I was willing to be VERY FLEXIBLE about this year's vacsation time so other people could do things they wanted to do, and lastly-FUCK IT-I'M GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After establishing that this insanity was going forward and my husband loves me enough to let me do it and put us back into debt for awhile, we went to brunch at Chow. Over brunch, we had an interesting conversation, where Hubby brought up the fact that I've been dressing pretty schlumpty lately. Don't worry, you do not need to start any feminist tirades on my behalf. He's got a point. Frankly my give a damn about work is so very busted that I just haven't been trying at all and I spend the weekends mostly dressing for warmth and comfort as well, which has devolved into barely trying to look presentable.

One particular issue was my coats. I have several including my tourist coat (the one I bought when I got stuck down at Fisherman's Wharf when the fog rolled and I was shivering like a tourist) and they are all exceedingly ugly. I dug one my leather jackets out of the cloest which
I have to admit is nicer looking. It's also one he gave me that belonged to his brother, so it has history as well. When I reached into the pockets, I found a pair of glasses that I've been missing for months and a wad of cash, which turned out to be enough for the movies and a cab ride home. Whooooooo-hoooooooo!!!!

We went downtown and saw Iron Man. Considering the last movie we saw was Street Kings, and we saw that only because of my Hugh Laurie fetish, I couldn't really bitch about going to see a big
summer popcorn movie, especilly not one with Robert Downey Jr. being snarky, boozing it up and then being a super-hero. Plus I got a good mmom bunny out of it. I thought the whole thing was well-done and effective on a lizard brain, satisfyingly boom-boom level, although the CGI let me down a bit at the hand. The Iron Man suit was awesome. The big-evil guy suit, never really convinced me and the climactic King Kong vs Godzilla battle didnt' work for me. Also, Jeff Bridges with big bald head...very scary.







CSI-Original recipe- Two And a Half Deaths
WTF????? I'm sort of torn between thinking that was way too meta and just chilling out and saying it was fun and leaving it at that, although none of it was really as smooth as it could have been, including the Chinatown reference. Oh never mind. It was fun and awesome and YOU GO BRASS and how much do I love stalker!Hodges?

CSI-NY-Personal Foul
Danny and Flack are going on man-dates to basket-ball games? I hate them breaking up my OTP that way, but I gotta say, they do make a cute couple, just not as angsty, and I'm all about the angst. Speaking of slashy-angsty stuff. REED!!!! You are so in love with Mac. Just admit it and
stop getting into cabs from which he'll have to rescue you. On the other hand, if you're just gonna hand me slashy plot bunnies....Good Lindsay in the rain fake-out though. I like Lindsay in the rain.

Numb3rs-Pay To Play
I'm supposed to believe Charlie Eppes doesn't have gay-dar? HAH! and Double HAH!
Why do I want to cringe so badly every time one of these shows does a Rap-music based plot?
How come I can never till Liz from Robin? And how come I'm not all enthused about Colby/Liz? Not a lot of chem there that I'm seeing. Does Alan have a beard because Judd Hirsch got tired of shaving? Why am I not all that concerned about Megan's whereabouts since I know it's just a pregnancy-covering plot device.

Dr. Who-The Doctor's Daughter

Everyone was babbling about how awful the ep was and how she was a Mary Sue and I'd need retcon afterwards etc etc. None of it bothered me in the slightest. I'd say my major annoyance was a third consecutive week of the message being WAR IS BAD. OK, Russell. I get it. I promise. I really really get it. I will not start any wars this week. (Although considering the shipwar you put me through, you're hardly one to talk.) Now can we get to Agatha Christie and have some fun? And then get back to Jack and have lots and lots of fun?

Honestly, as long as I get snarky Donna and Doctor/Donna banter, I'm happy. Really, really happy. Which may just reflect my Torchwood, Series 2, shipwar trauma. Just don't want to feel that level of PAIN anymore.


Sunday I got up and did 6 miles.

I would have liked to take a nap, but people kept calling. Oh well.

Karaoke was awesome with about three hours of a nice mellow group singing all kinds of fun, ubscure stuff with a few Mama songs tossed in for Mother's Day. (I didn't call my mother. I suck.)

Daddy Dave added to the fun by playing music by The Thai Elephant Orchestra in between songs. Trust me, you had to be there.

Walking Back to Happiness-Helen Shapiro
Kansas City Star-Roger Miller
Being Alive-Barbara Streisand, but really my "John" song for the day. Bitchin' Hard.
Lullaby of Broadway-Duet with Peggy.
Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind-The Lovin' Spoonful

Don't Tell Mama-Cabaret

Came home and cooked, watched 24 Hour Party People, part of my on-going John Simm love-fest. He was young and adorable and I'm so tempted to write slash, but i don't know if it's going to RPS or the characters.


And back to work Monday to face the music regarding the whole time off and will the company let me by a ticket and pay it off rather than having to hock the card. Probably not and bubbles is like, you can't plan a trip until I give you the time off and I'm more or less like WATCH ME!!!!


Coming soon: HOUSE BABBLE for House's Head
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