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MMOM Day 13 "Chilly, Chilly" Songfic-Waterloo Sunset PG13

Title: Chilly, Chilly
Fandom: Songfic-"Waterloo Sunset" by the Kinks
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 330
Notes: Inspired by pictures posted by timbershiver (OMG,I'm gonna meet her in London!) and a request for a "Terry & Julie" fic. Thanks to hllangel for telling me my KEL sucked until I came up with one that worked.

The calendar says May, without a sign of spring to show for it. Hardly a green leaf on the trees outside and frost on the window in the morning. The radiator barely puts out any heat and what there is can’t reach him where he’s been sat all day, wearing two jumpers, looking at the world.

There’s one couple in particular that catch his eye. Terry and Julie, he calls them. They always run into each other’s arms outside the station, like they know he’s there, seeing everything they do.

He watches them embrace and walk over the bridge together, out of his sight, but not his imagination, where he takes the time to look at them, filling in the details he can’t make out from the third floor, especially with his breath clouding the glass. Terry has unblemished skin and perfect teeth, while Julie is a dark-haired combination of sweetness and sensuality.

Perhaps they’ll go to a chip shop for supper before heading to Terry’s flat. His mind skips past mundanities of food and conversation to the moment when he can look at their bodies, naked to his mental gaze. The cuddle together on a blanket, near a fireplace, feeling safe and warm while a phonograph plays rock and roll, with no idea that he’s there in his mind, watching every move, feeling every touch.

How good it is to have Julie touching his willy, making it grow. Her face looks innocent, but what she does to him with those hands is filthy and lewd, definitely not something he would do to himself. If it’s not him, then it ain’t so bad, right?

Mum’s in the front room with the telly turned up, so he can risk a few moans as Julie’s hands do their dirty work and make him gasp an obscenity into the cold room.
He breathes deeply, wiping a hand against his pyjama bottoms, finally feeling warm.

Who needs friends when he has Terry and Julie?

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