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Tower Video Sucks!

So there I was a Virgin Megastore to pick up a copy of MI5 Season 2 for fic research purposes, when I realized today is August 22-House Season 2 DVD release day. I didn't pick up a copy at Virgin, because I had already ordered one from Tower. Turned out Virgin didn't have the MI5 discs other which was weird, but they did have A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, series 1 & 2, which I bought. My Hugh-obsessed self is very happy and can't wait to watch these. Then I can go back to fryandorlaurie and read the stories based on those sketches. So I hot-foot, or hot-muni anyway, up Market street to Tower Video where I announce that I'm there to pick up my House Season 2 DVD. I fully expected a House Party to be going on to celebrate the occasion. The guy pushes some buttons on the computer and says he sees my order, but they don't have the discs in. WTF? As a tragedy, he seemed to equate this with not having Veronica Mars Season 2. Hello? I was planning to throw a full-scale "Detox" style snit fit, but I managed to control myself. They said they'll have it in a "few days" and in the meantime, I did buy MI5, so that was cool.

It's a lovely week on the magazine rack, isn't it? Not only Hugh on the cover of Entertainment Weekly complete with latex glove, but Clive Own on the cover of GQ (American Edition.) He looks devilishly delightful with some facial hair. I swear to god, until I fell for Hugh as House, I never, ever could even stand a guy with scruff or beard or stache'. Nada. Yuck.
And now....well sometimes. Clive is the first guy on the cover of GQ for ages and ages who I've thought of as GQ-worthy. I used to love GQ and hold the cover guys up as the standard of what I wanted. When, you ask? As Bowling For Soup once said "She's still pre-occupied with 19...19....1985."
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