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Why is my blood-sugar crashing when I actually ate breakfast?

I had an English muffin with ham, egg & cheese and some fruit salad at about 930AM and I've gone completely light-headed, fuzzy, unable to focus for the last 20 minutes or so.

Anyway, I'm very excited because the lovely michelleann68 is on her way for a weekend of Squeeeeeeeeing, UK-Telly watching, Karaoke and of course...Bay to Breakers. We're in the middle of a heat-wave, which may or may not break in time for the race.

I have a special event planned for, but I can't share it yet in case she does a quick LJ check at the airport or one of you guys has a big mouth. I promise she'll love it and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I am so horribly behind on fic-reading, it is a sad state of affairs, including what looks like some marvelous stuff being posted for mmom that I want to give full attention to before I comment.

I'd like to pimp the whole comm, but I'm going to take this opportunity to mention that my gal
hllangel has posted some awesome fic for both Torchwood and House MD and it doesn't seem to be getting the love it deserves, which makes me sad.

Here's the status of my trip to England to see John Barrowman in Panto and Burn Gorman in Oliver.

We have a name people....


Airline tickets have been purchased.

Panto and theater tickets have been purchased.

My regional manager told me there was no way I could buy a ticket from the agency and pay it off, and said I should just buy a ticket. Mind you, she also didn't confirm that I could get the time I'll need off, but she did know what days I wanted and still told me to buy the ticket.
I assume this is a game we have to play and that I should NOT just ask her point blank. The fact is they generally don't open the calender until late the year before and I do have a lot of seniority in the region, although not the highest. On the other hand, the office isn't that busy in January anyway. Even if she can't get a floater to cover, Steve should still be ok by himself. The contract says we're supposed to have two people here all the time, but so what?

michelleann68, hllangel, kijikun and I are all traveling from the States to both destinations.

Various LJ-ers have said they'd like to be involved, either attending shows or just getting in some Squeeeeeeee time together in either Birmingham or London including, tourmaline1973, drunken_hedghog, timbershiver, kohlrimmedeye, and swizzasnake. Anyone else who's in the area, feel free to join the Odyssey.


Having finally figured out HOW to use the Advair and determining that it actually works, the damn thing is now empty.


Interview with John Barrowman about possible West End productions:


Looks like Barnum is the most possible and John will finally say "Goodbye" to his muffin top.

Anyway...gotta post some mmom, do a meme and finish pretending to work so I can get out of here in a timely fashion.
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