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Meme a day 2008-Day 135-Character Question Meme

Ganked from bagheera_san

Oh, this one sounds good. I'll keep it open for one week from today before I answer the questions.

Name Those Characters!

1) Make a list of 10 characters.
2) Assign each character a number.
3)Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them. IE: "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?" (The more random the better!)
4) Post the answers and who was who on the list.

ETA-Character list and questions behind the cut.

1. Sam Tyler
2. Robert Chase
3. Capt. Jack Harkness
4. Jools Siviter
5. The Tenth Doctor
6. James Wilson
7. Owen Harper
8. Noah Bennett
9. Greg House
10. Donna Noble

From mad_jaks

If 5 and 9 (Being a Who fan rally brings a new depth of meaning to this meme) were comic book 'Superheroes' (or a super hero/ super villain combo) what would their names and powers be?

And look who you got for #5.
Well we have the Doctor and a doctor, so they'd have to be the Super Docs with their dueling diagnosis and probably drive each other crazy with esoteric information. House knows earth diseases and the Doctor knows alien stuff and they need to put their heads together each week to solve the case/defeat the villain. That's not really creative, but they're already both presented as Superheroes in their own way, aren't they?

From drunken_hedghog

7 and 2 are trapped in a lift for two hours. Would they a) fight b) fuck, or c) something completely different?

Probably end up fucking, because they are both such bundles of issues and sexual neediness. And I HEART them both.

If 8 were introduced to 4 at a cocktail party, what would they talk about?
Espionage techniques, including abduction and interrogation.

3 is trapped in a bathroom with a rabid fangirl/stalker outside and no window from which to escape. The bathroom contains hand-soap, a towel and a toilet brush. How would 3 use these things to escape?

Since it's Jack, I don't think escape would be high on his priority list and I'm sure could find other interesting uses for all of those.

From haldane

1, 7 and 8 go camping with only two tents. What are the sleeping arrangements?
I can't believe how tricky this one is and I'm just going to divvy it up by nationality and let the two Brits get stuck together while griping about the high-handed, typically presumptuous American bastard. I don't see Sam and Owen as a pairing, but they'd probably have an interesting conversation about the possibility of time travel and advances in medicine in the last 30 years with nearing of them admitting how they know what.

Meanwhile, Noah's alone and brooding, probably not sleeping because he's worried about the Company catching up with him.

2 and 3 are shopping for a birthday present for 10. What do they settle on?

As hllangel points out, there is an excellent chance that Jack will distract Chase and they'll never get any shopping done, especially since Jack will want to get some kinky, sex-toy gadget. Chase would probably think of something fairly classy and high-ticket, but Jack would point out that if you're with the Doctor, what else do you need? Maybe they come back and offer her the choice between the two of them or a threesome and she laughs them off. Then Jack takes out the kinky sex toy he pocketed and she loves it (although maybe thinks it an objet d'arte.)

OK, I fail. Epically.

4 and 9 meet for the first time. Where?
(LMAO, for obvious reasons aside from the fact that I've written this at least once, but I'll come up with something new.)

After "Whatever It Takes," Jools reads a report about House's work for the CIA and decides that MI6 could use a man of House's talents and he seconds Sam to go in as a patient while posing as her guardian, only it turns out Sam does have some genetic disease that means she can't work for MI5 anymore (which is why we never saw her again). House waits until she's being treated before cornering (ahem) Jools and outing him (ahem) as an agent. They have a nice scene of innuendo and eye-sex before Jools leaves (ahem) empty-handed, but we close on House looking at a card with the phone number on it.

5 and 6 arm-wrestling. Who wins?

Oh, this is so unfair. Wilson is winning on brute force and then Ten does something to distract him and it's all over.

From neviditelny

4 and 9 are being chased through the jungle by angry natives. Why are they being chased and if they get away, how do the do it?

Well, apparently Jools came up with a case in the jungle that was too interesting for House to turn town and things took a very nasty turn when House insulted the shaman and the tribal elders. There's no way House is going to be able to keep up with Jools and they're going to have to take shelter until Jools's extraction team shows up and wipes out the entire tribe including the one House just cured. House will be suffering detox and leg pain the whole time, with Jools showing absolutely NO Wilson-esque sympathy at all. Lots of snark will ensue.

6 asks both 1 and 10 out on a date, on the same night, and has 1 and 10 meet her/him at the same place. What happens?

Either he's gotten very confused or he's being even more passive aggressive than usual. I could actually see Sam and Donna hitting it off, IF he can avoid being too angsty and shows his more charming side. I think they end up leaving togehter and House limps out of the shadows with a smile on his face, saying "Alone at last."

3 and 7 are meeting to work out together. What do they do, where do they go, and do they get kicked out?

Jack and Owen wake up in bed together and Jack starts teasing him about the abs again, so they start having a sit-up contest, which leads to they both lying on the floor huffing, puffing, and grunting, and eventually giggling, and at some point Ianto walks in, looks pissy and leaves.

5 is being held hostage for ransom by 2. Does 8 pay? Why is 5 being held hostage anyway?

Chase is actually working for Torchwood Melbourne which is where he learned the hypnosis techniques. The Doctor manages to over-ride the hypnosis and convince Chase that he's not actually the Doctor, but one of the "special" people and that if he calls Noah, he'll get a ransom. Noah shows up and pays the ransom, but now he's got the Doctor wants to use him as leverage to get one of the Heroes back from the Company. Claude shows up, knocks out Bennett and sends the Doctor back to the Tardis. The Doctor can't figure out where he knows Claude from until the last shot, close-up of the Doctor as the light-bulb goes off.

From kohlrimmedeye
From 8's POV, regarding 1, 9 and 6: marry, shag, push off a cliff?

OH BOY! Noah's not an idiot and he's could use some of that Wilson sex and
fixing stuff, so I think he shags Wilson, marries Sam, and House goes off a cliff the first time he suggests a little bone-marrow harvest or whatever it was in insensitive to see if he can use Claire to grow some new leg tissue.

10 meets 4 in a bar. What are they singing (drunkenly) together at the end of the night?

I Hate Myself For Loving You.

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