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Quick Wilson/Chase Fic - NC17

Written for kohlrimmedeye

Title: Outrage
Author: Karaokegal
Word Count: 400
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Bad!Wilson
Spoilers for "Hunting"
Summary: Missing scenes from "Hunting"

“He did what?”

Wilson acted suitably outraged at what House was telling him. If Cameron was high on a patient’s stolen drugs, not to mention distraught over her HIV exposure, then Chase was a creep at best and a criminal at worst. This had House’s file-stealing scam beat by a mile for ethical lapses

“Get off your high-horse.” House scoffed. “If anyone’s been needing a high hard one, it’s Cameron. I just didn’t think she’d have to be that high to get it. You should have seen them this morning. She’s still wired for sound, he’s looking guilty, and they’re both trying to pretend it never happened. Oh, and you’ll love what she’s done with her hair.”

He caught Chase coming out of the locker room and pulled him into the game room next door. The sound of the door slamming shut was matched by his hand slapping Chase’s cheek and the word that exploded from his mouth.


Chase raised his hand to the red mark highlighted by a welt from Wilson’s wedding ring.

“You’re mine!” he hissed, pushing Chase back against the wall, pinning him with his own body and kissing him, biting his upper lip hard enough to remind him who’s mouth and body these really were, the next time Cameron or anybody else decide to get fucked up and have an Aussie delight.

Wilson was hardening from the heat of Chase’s body and the intensity of his own jealousy. He imagined Cameron’s fingers grabbing Chase’s pale flesh. He saw her pulling Chase down on top of her.

Chase’s hands had moved down to touch him. The door was closed, but not locked. Anyone could come in at any minute and find Chase unzipping him, sinking to the floor.

Cameron would be a screamer, he thought, thrashing and moaning, whining and begging. All the things that Chase usually did under his touch. Wilson thrust hard into Chase’s mouth, fucking his face the way he knew Chase had fucked Cameron. When he came, it was as good as having had both of them.

He let Chase stand up and brushed a thumb over his lips, finding the bruise, and kissing it gently. He wasn’t sorry. Chase needed to be kept in line and he could always blame the bite on Cameron.

Wilson zipped himself up and straightened his tie. Now he could go tell Kalvin he had cancer.

Tags: housefic, nc17, wilson/chase

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