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House-babble for "Wilson's Heart"


It's been a roller-coaster of a 4th season and I've got a lot of babbling, rambling, ranting and raving to do behind the cut for length and spoilers.

F/Y/I-Posted before reading any other reviews, metas or viewing posts.

I was happy to be joined, live and in color, by michelleann68 for the last House party of the season, along with hllangel via gmail chat. She already watched in Dallas time and I did give her permission to spoil me somewhat, so I went in knowing more or less what was going to happen.

Here are some very random reactions, along with the usual (say it one more time with me people) paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch.

Anne Dudek: Luckiest bitch on the planet or what? Getting to do bed and couch scenes with RSL and then crawling all over Hugh Laurie in a chair like something out of every fangirl’s (including mine) dreams. And I gotta say that was hot. The Hugh Laurie chemistry with everybody thing was definitely in play. Way more (IMAO) than with her and RSL.

I never believed the House/Amber thing was “real,” but Hugh and Anne have always had chemistry and the characters do rock together. The apartment confrontation back in Don’t Ever Change was just a pre-lude to hate!sex as far as I’m concerned.

The Big Question:

Did Wilson really love Amber?
I don’t think so. Not only because I’m a hard-core House/Wilson girl, (as in they’ll always love each other and never be happy together) but because of what we know about Wilson and the time-line itself.

Assuming it’s been about two years since the break-up with Julie and including what happened during the Tritter arc, the man is desperate for emotional contact. Whether you wear the slash-glasses with my prescription, which say he’s been having sex with House, but that House is emotionally with-holding, or if you say he’s a closet case and they’re not having sex at all, it leaves him in a heavy-duty hole for needing someone to care about him. I don’t even think he slept with Robin from Airborne at this point.

Amber comes along at a point where following the departure of FCC, he thought he might have been able to get more out of House and instead House spends months playing his game and intermittently trying to kill himself. He finds Amber at her low point and flash, bam, alakazam, it’s Wilson In Love. And lust. And thinking he’s “happy.”
I wonder if there’s a missing scene from Games with post-firing Amber running into Wilson, who was shaken up by the thing with the mis-diagnosed patient. If you recall that episode had a very intense H/W scene that was reminiscent of the side walk scene in House v God, where you could have sworn they were about to kiss, which got completely curtailed by a Newbie entrance and was the last H/W scene in the episode. So Wilson is upset and frustrated and Amber is in the state we saw her in when she was talking to Punk Rock guy in her last scene.

Definite recipe for a Hurt/Comfort combo and knowing Wilson, he thinks he’s in love.

One thing I'd really like to know is the actual amount of time they were together. As I understand it (tell me if I'm wrong) Wilson admitted to 4 weeks in Frozen, but we don't know precisely how much time passed for the rest of the episodes, except a week between Live the Dream and House's Head.

Why was House out drinking in a bar?

Two possibilities here and a probable combination of both.

1. Pure manipulation. Aside from the getting Wilson drunk scene in No More Mr. Nice, I THINK the last time we saw House drinking in a bar was Honeymoon. I think we can assume that aside from needed Wilson for feedback at that point, he was also deliberately trying to get him away from Julie. So this seems to be a pattern. Getting drunk wasn’t the point. Getting Wilson was.

2.He’s out drinking because he can’t have Wilson. There’s such an emotional disconnect between the expression of betrayal in No More Mr. Nice Guy when he finds out that Wilson told Amber and the seeming nonchalance of his attitude toward Wilson/Amber in Live The Dream, that it makes more sense to assume he’s realized that Amber isn’t exactly a Julie and he can’t use the old techniques, so he’s been brooding, taking more drugs and drinking A LOT, and it all breaks out into this one event of going out and getting shit-faced, self-pity drunk and trying to get Wilson to come and fix it. Which seems especially self-destructive because it’s a replay of his OD in MLC and look how well that turned out.

Which brings me to the last BIG THING

House and Wilson are not broken!

Pu-lease. If they were going to be broken, it would have been in the wake of Tritter and MLC. They SHOULD have been broken after the Wilson lies to House scenario in Meaning/Cane & Able or when Wilson left him on the floor in MLC. TPTB clearly chose to paper those things over and make it go away with the “apology” in Words & Deeds. I am billing to bet large sums of money that is exactly what will happen here. There maybe hate!sex tension for awhile and some mopey Wilson bits, but there is nothing that says “Broken” here.

I really did NOT LIKE the whole beatification of Amber. It seemed like a real violation of her character to get all nicey-sweety at the end. I think she could have had a convincingly sweet death without completely losing sight of the things that made CTB, CTB in the first place. I generally liked the bus scene at the end, but I think it would have been more effective and in character, if it had been more clear that Amber “won,” and knew she had.

As I pointed out last week, the whole “You want me to risk my life for Amber?” would be a lot more meaningful if House hadn’t been on a such a self-destructive tear ALL SEASON.

Wilson Crying-OY.

Not that RSL didn’t sell it all brilliantly, but it was much, much, much too much. As if they wanted t have all the crying he hadn’t done in the previous four seasons in this one episode. As someone who has a pathological aversion to the use of Wilson crying in fanfic and always pointed to canon-Wilson as being the only one who hadn’t been seen crying, I take this very personally.

Poor Cuddy. Sleeping on a lot of couches lately.

Cameron/Wilson in the cafeteria—very interesting. I don’t think they’re going in a Wilson/Cameron direction, but if they are going to do any kind of a “rift” for any amount of time, Wilson/Cam bonding would be a way to seriously piss off House, Chase and a large percentage of the fandom.

Remember all my PBOAPB posting about how the only way to make House/Cam work was for Cam to become Wilson, which is what I felt they were doing with the bandaging scene in MLC? They sort of did it the other way with a “female House” going out with Wilson. That’s apropos of nothing, but certainly something to ponder as we lead into my favorite Paranoid Bitch topic---House & Cameron.

I haven’t seen the David Shore interview that had much of H/W fanbase in a tizz, but as I understand it, he more or less shut the door on canon H/W which is not a big surprise (hey, this ain’t the BBC, people) and from my own angst-writing interest, not a bad thing.

I still think David and Katie would like to do House/Cameron and if they’re committed to both a 5th and 6th season, they will find a way to do it. Did you really believe Cameron when she said “I don’t miss you?” I sure didn’t.

Things I don’t care about and will never care about:

Thirteen’s Huntington’s issues. And boo-hiss to TPTB for hinting that there was going to be some hint of 13/Amber femslash and then wussing out.

Kutner’s poor dead parents. Anything about Kutner for that matter.

Taub’s wife.

I’m sorry. I’ve tried. Not terribly hard, but I’ve tried not to hate these characters and feel they are nothing but useless. I have failed dismally.

Bits that made me happy-
Larry Craig joke, although it was obvious. (And what’s up with the Obama sticker in the bathroom?)

FCC-Together again, now and forever!


Every time I watch a 1st or 2nd season episode, it just makes me want them back that much more. Not only are the Newbies not interesting as individual characters, they have no chemistry (sexual or otherwise) with each other and no consistency as to how they relate to characters. Nothing along the lines of the early Cam/Chase flirtation or the Chase/Foreman competition. Nothing. Go away Newbies. Die, Thirteen, Die.

I’m still praying for my Bobby Ewing shower moment.

If you could have a point from which it’s all been a dream, what would it be:
(I'm too lazy to do a formal LJ poll.)

1.House sleeps with Stacy
2.The Shooting
3.Miracle regenerating leg muscle.
4.Wilson lies to House
5.House forges Wilson’s name on the prescription.
6.1st Tritter appearance.
7.MLC-Wilson walks away
8.Goodbye FCC/Hello Newbies.
9.Wilson is screwing Amber.
10.Something else which I’ll tell you about in the comments.

No more House till the fall and no Torchwood until who knows when.

Whatever shall I obsess about?
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