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Sometimes you just gotta say...

One week later, they still don't have the House MD Season 2 DVDS. I verified that my pre-ordered copy was NOT prepaid and bought it at Virgin Megastore. Of course I still can't watch the extras till tomorrow, because Hubby is working tonight and I did promise him we'd watch them together.

I've been practically living on line on my work computer for nearly a year since I first idly googled House Wilson Slash Fiction and ended up here and the rest is history. I cannot live without my ongoing LJ fix and my emailing with the people I've met there and getting my comments when I post fiction. I KNOW we're not supposed to use the work computer for anything but work and tough shit! Let 'em fire me because if I can't get my fix, I'll die.
Last Friday, out of fucking nowhere I got attacked by some kind of pop-up virus. We've run spy-bot search and destry and various other programs. IT has gone in and cleaned out my registry and done a hundred other things and it's still there. I've got it so I can keep them at bay, but they shouldn't be there in the first place and I'm royally pissed. I know it's not LJ or inreach. I have a sneaking suspicion it might have come from the TV Transcript website and my work computer just didn't have good enough software to fight it off. OR MAYBE it's from something Ray did when I was vacation, but I can't prove it.

3. I didn't bother watching the Emmy Awards in time, but did zap through my Tivo on Monday night. Aside from the obvious hellacious bullshit of Hugh not even getting nominated and 24 winning over House as best drama, the big question I gotta ask is:
What the FUCK was Candice Bergen wearing and WHY?
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