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Meme a day 2008-Day 138-Another Alphabet Meme

Ganked from niicelaady

1) Which animal most represents your personality? Puppy dog-Loyal and playful.
2) Did you ever get an allowance? These days they call it a salary.
3) Who is the actor/actress you would most like to hook up with? I'll be honest and go with the Barrowman, unlikely as it is for obvious reason.
1) What is your favorite bedroom activity? Sex. You have to ask?
2) Who is the biggest bitch? Former Internet Soul Mate.
3) What do you want to be when you grow up? I'll let you know when I figure it out.
1) Who is your last call on your cell phone? Big Frank
2) If you were locked in a cell for a week, what three items would you have with you? Notebook, pens, iPod.
3) What is your favorite kind of candy? Nestle's Crunch Bar
1) Do you have a dog? No, but I want one more than anything.
2) What's the most daring thing you've ever done? Sent fiction to an agent.
3) Can you dance? Not really.
1) What errand do you hate doing the most? Taking money to Psycho-Sis.
2) What was your biggest error in a relationship? Thinking I was in one when I wasn't.
3) Do you think ghosts exist? Yes.
1) What sports team are you a fan of? Very few right now.
2) Are you a freak in the bed? I could be.
3) Are you more frantic, or laid back? Frantic.
1) What was your favorite childhood game? Candy Land
2) Name the closest green item to you right now-Tully's cup.
3) What is the best and worst gift you've ever received? Worst would be any number of tacky tchatkes that my mother gives as Channukah presents. Best...ouch...maybe some of the jewelry hubby's given me over the years, but I don't take care of it as well as I should. Since I came to LJ, I've gotten some amazing birthday stories. Sorry. I'm blanking here.
1) Do you prefer hot weather over cold? Yes
2) Do you wear hats? Running hats yes, "real" hats, not so much, but I did love wearing my Fedora for Halloween.
3) Do you believe in hell? It's a state of mind and I lived there for years.
1) Complete the sentence-I am waiting for-2009: A Squeeeee Odyssey.
2) Do you refill the ice tray in your freezer, or leave it in the sink? Refill, sometimes.
3) What do you find interesting? Other people's opinions of me.
1) Who is the biggest jackass you know? One of my problem-child clients who will remain nameless.
2) Do you know anyone named Jack? Fictionally, yes.
3) What type of music do you jam out to? 60's pop.
1) Do you want to kill anyone at the moment? Not right this second.
2) Have you ever flown a kite drunk? I'm not really a kite person, or a drinker.
3) Do your crack your knuckles? Yes. Compulsively.
1) Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
2) Do you write letters or send e-mail? Email
3) Do you like lemonade and vodka? Lemonade is good.
1) Do you and your mom get along? As long as I don't have to see her that much.
2) What melody is in your head all day long? Today? "This One's For You," by Barry Manilow.
3) Have you ever been out to Montauk? I suspect I went at some point when I lived on the East Coast but it's not coming in real clearly right now.
1) Are you nice to people who are different? Probably not as nice as I could be.
2) Are you negative or positive about most things in life? Negative.
3) Do you live near any celebrities? Does seeing Tory Belleci count? I know there are a lot of celeb's who live in San Francisco and even more out in Marin County.
1) If were in a boxing ring and had to choose your opponent, who would it be? Travel Manager, I think I can take her out.
2) Is your room organized? HAH!
3) How do you feel about the color orange? It's a little bright for my taste.
1) Porcupines: Cute or Prickly? Let's go with both.
2) Do you like pear jelly bellys? YES!
3) Are you polite when you drink? I'm not that polite no matter what.
1) Do you move quickly or are you always late? Usually late, although not necessarily for lack of speed.
2) Quiet or loud drunk? Don't drink anymore, but I suspect I was pretty loud when I did.
3) Do you own a quilt? Not right now.
1) What do you think is the most ridiculous law in your state? Prop 187
2) Like it raw? Definitely
3) Do you listen to the radio? Rarely.
1) Do you drink a soda or alcohol with a straw? Sometimes soda. I like straws.
2) How often do you get sick? Rarely.
3) When people sneeze do you say "God bless you"? Just "bless you." I usually say Geshundheit.
1) Do you like to talk on the phone? Not as much as I used ot.
2) Do you text message? Sometimes.
3) Have you ever been to Texas? Yup. I did airline computer training in both Dallas and Houston.
1) What color is your umbrella? I don't think I have one right now.
2) Have you ever seen a scary clown riding a unicycle? Yes.
3) What is your usual cocktail? Club soda with a twist.
1) What is your favorite VHS video that you own? Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music-Greatest Hits.
2) Are you vain? This song is definitely about me.
3) Have you ever eaten venison? I don't think so.
1) Have you ever thrown a water balloon off a roof? No.
2) If you had a wicker basket in your room, what would you keep in it? Laundry
3) Can you water ski? No.
1) Have you ever played a xylophone? Yes.
2) Have you ever had an unusual x-ray? Not that I know off.
3) What do you tend to do in x-cess? Eat.
1) Do you own anything yellow? Have I got an ugly run shirt for you.
2) Can you do anything special with yarn? Nope.
3) Who do you yearn for? Am I allowed to say fictional characters?
1) What is your favorite animal at the zoo? Don't go to zoos.
2) What puts you in the zone? Singing.
3)Do you prefer jeans with a zipper, or buttons? Zippers
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