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MMOM-Day 21 "The Fall of Foreman" Foreman/Thirteen Rated-R Wordcount-850

Title: The Fall of Foreman
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Foreman/Thirteen (includes Thirteen/Cuddy femslash)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 850
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers through Don't Ever Change. Thanks to beta_goddess for saving me from a tense situation. Any remaining crap is my own damn fault.
Summary: A peek into Foreman's dirty mind.

Now it gets to him?

He got through three years in that over-sexualized hothouse of a department dealing with Cameron’s obsession with House, Chase’s crush on Cameron and whatever the hell has been going on with House and Wilson for all these years and never felt the slightest glimmer of interest beyond prurient curiosity.

When he left PPTH, he thought he might actually have a life where each day wasn’t as much of a soap opera as the boss’s favorite waste of time. His team at Mercy was attractive and competent and -- as far as he knows -- completely professional in their dealings with each other. It was a pleasant change.

The minute he saw the game that House was running to pick his new fellows, Foreman dreaded what might happen, especially when the final cut included an attractive woman who didn’t look all that different from Cameron a couple of years ago. He imagined the lecherous Taub falling for the girl and it looked like Kutner was a little too devoted to House. Here we go again.

Only it’s not like that at all.

He knows her name, of course, since he has access to the personnel files, but if House is willing to let her keep her shroud of mystery, Foreman is going to play along.

He even calls her Thirteen in his fantasies, which are becoming more frequent and more elaborate. It’s just as well that House spends half his time avoiding Foreman, as it gives Foreman more time for something he never thought he’d actually do on hospital property.

This is so not him, he thinks, making his way toward the little-used fifth-floor men’s room. This is Wilson and his overactive libido, or House and his blatant porn interest, or even Chase and his myriad issues.

But right now it is him, complete with the lubricant he brought from home and his pocket silk and a rather filthy image of Thirteen getting down and dirty with Cuddy on the floor of her office. Ever since he figured out why she was so secretive and she didn’t bother denying it, he’s been unable to stop matching her up in his head with various co-workers around the hospital.

He undoes his pants and finds he’s already hard. Damn. The woman has no idea what she’s missing, he thinks, looking down and imagining that he’s sitting in one of the chairs in Cuddy’s office, watching as his girl (hey, it’s his fantasy) pushes Cuddy onto her back and unbuttons her blouse, exposing those beautiful breasts for Foreman to finally see in full, instead of the titillating glimpses offered by her usual attire.

Cuddy isn’t complaining, although she looks mildly pissed off not being in control of the situation, at least until Thirteen shows her exactly how out of control she can be by sucking hard at one nipple until Foreman can see Cuddy’s legs trembling and hear a throaty moan that makes his balls tighten up. He gives them a squeeze and takes the tube out of his pocket, spreading the slippery gel around so he can get a smooth motion going as Cuddy tries again to protest and finds herself muffled by Thirteen’s kisses.

Some part of him is still sane enough to know how crazy this is. Cuddy wouldn’t do that, Thirteen wouldn’t do it and he definitely shouldn’t be doing it, but none of that matters now that his own toes are curling in his shoes and Thirteen has moved down to push Cuddy’s skirt up, allowing Foreman to see that she’s wearing a garter-belt and stockings but no panties.
House would probably mock him for having such conventional fantasies, but hey, whatever works, and this is certainly working. For Cuddy, as far as he can tell by her moaned obscenities, for Thirteen, who gets to dominate her boss, by licking and probing, driving her fingers deep inside, and certainly for Foreman, who is increasing the pace just enough to make it slightly unbearable. He has plenty of time, House will do anything to avoid him, unless of course he knows that Foreman is avoiding House. Then he might walk in just in time to hear the finale.

Cuddy is in a full-blown, roof-raising, shout-it-out-loud orgasm and Foreman is sitting there watching it all, thrusting into his own hand, but needing more, needing her, and there she is, getting up and walking towards him, clothes gone in an instant, because it’s a fantasy, after all, and straddling him in the chair.

Oh god. Hot and tight and wet and he’s filling her and making her groan with his cock deep inside her. The kiss, the taste of Cuddy on her tongue and the three of them, somehow sharing the moment, and his hand moving faster and there it is, sending a shiver through his body and making him wonder why he’s been such a tight-ass all those years, when doing it this way is so much better.

Then his mind clears and he remembers this is totally not him.

Except maybe now it is.

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