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Meme a day 2008-Day 141-OTP MEME

Ganked from sabinelagrande

Guess my OTPs in each fandom. Cause they mean so very much to me, and are *snerk* inviolate.

For all fandoms, you may guess a het pairing, a slash pairing and a femslash pairing. (If I currently don't have one, I'll decide later.)

ETA: Pairings now listed.

House MD
Het pairing-I'm almost afraid to declare, but based on canon, and best case scenario for more House/Wilson angst, I'm going to say House/Cameron and run for my life.
Slash pairing-House/Wilson

Het pairing-Jack/Gwen
Slash pairing-Jack/Owen
Femslash pairing-Gwen/Tosh

Doctor Who
Het pairing-Doctor/Rose
Slash pairing-Jack/Doctor
Femslash pairing-Rose/Sarah Jane

Het pairing-Danny/Lindsay
Slash pairing-Mac/Danny
Femslash pairing-Lindsay/Peyton

Het pairing-Larry/Megan
Slash pairing-Don/Charlie

Life On Mars
Het pairing-Gene/Annie (shoutout to paperclipbitch)
Slash pairing-Sam/Chris (Yes, I read and love Sam/Gene, but I really ship the softer pairing in this case. Look for pods at my apartment.)
Femslash pairing-Annie/Phyllis

Oceans 11
Het pairing-Linus/Tess
Slash pairing-Danny/Rusty
Femslash pairing-Tess/Isabel

Het pairing-Jools/Tessa
Slash pairing-Jools/Danny
Femslash-Tessa/Zoe (preferably with Jools watching.)
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