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I got to ramble, whoa-oh

Hubby went running with me this morning.

It's been quite a few years since he took a serious interest in exercising, aside from what appears to me to be rather desultory attempts to pick up a weight now and again. For awhile there he had a gym membership and was trying to work out, but his schedule of working nights and needing to sleep during the day isn't really conducive to a serious workout either at the end of the work-night or before it.

So what brought this on?

He's really, really worried about high blood pressure, and he doesn't want to go on meds for it. This is a man who loves his salt and his caffeine and he's making efforts to cut down on both and he says he wants to take up some kin d of regular, serious exercise. He also picked up flyers for meditation classes from the local Buddhist center.


You guys know how much I love Keith Olbermann and how I usually cheer for the "Special Comments" which are extended editorial rants usually leveled at Bush, Cheney and various other cretins of the Republican variety. When Keith levels his white-hot anger directly at the camera and goes on and on and on you can practically feel the camera combust.

Last night, I thought his remarks about Hillary Clinton were completely out of line. Instead of focused, thoughtful outrage, he just sounded shrill and hysterical. Exactly like what the Republicans would accuse him of being when he's attacking them. Also, I just don't get it. I took her remarks as being completely innocent. Sometimes it does take until June for the Democrats to pick a nominee. I remember 1992. She's right. Bill Clinton didn't clinch the nomination until the California primary in June. And horrible as it is to remember, Robert Kennedy was in fact assassinated right after winning the California primary. In June. So I just don't get the brouhaha, and I don't think for a second she had anything else in mind but the fact that sometimes it take until June.

So the special comments were uncalled for, the hysteria was ridiculous and his statement that "I cannot forgive you," was pretty damn presumptuous. I love you Keith, but whoever Hillary Clinton needs forgiveness from, it's not you.

Attempted Barrowmania conversion

One of my hotel reps came by the other day. I've known this guy for years. He used to be at the Pan Pacific, then Le Meridien and now the Huntington. After the usual pleasantries, I immediately began trying to scam something in London for 2009-A Squeeeee Odyssey and therefore explaining WHY I was going to London, starting with a show and tell of my John calendar and the autographed picture, and then the "John in his kilt, showing his arse" picture that we're all so fond of.

He agreed that John was hot, but then fell into the usual "He looks kind of like Tom Cruise" number which drives me nuts. After he left, I emailed my dates and a link to the "It's In His Kiss" video. We'll see what happens.


YAY-No message this week. Just lots of fun, Doctor/Donna wonderfulness, period costumes, David Tennant's dad, and the most fake-looking giant wasp I've ever seen in my life, which luckily isn't that many.

How much do I love that Catherine Tate is built like a real woman, with real woman arms and shows them anyway?

And next week looks super creepy, so that's cool too.

I'm going to try to keep up with LJ over the long weekend because if I have to do a four-day catch up at work on Tuesday, things will get way out of hand. If I owe you comments, especially on a mmom fic, forgive me. I will get there. I hope.

A reminder to those posting fics over the next few days...it is a three day weekend in the US, which is a serious vortex that tends to inhibit comments. I'd hold off till Tuesday, if at all possible and if it's for mmom or any other challenge with a specific post-date, then I'd at least hold off on cross-posting until after Monday.

Just a helpful hint from your local comment crack-whore.
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