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MMOM Day 27-"An Old Sweet Song" House MD Georgia Adams

Title: An Old Sweet Song
Fandom: House MD
Character: Georgia Adams (Clinic patient from Poison)
Wordcount: 135
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for mmom as well as the weekly drabble challenge for ppth_support The Unusual Suspects. If I'm going to be the co-mod, I should actually post something. Thanks to hllangel. We're going to finish this thing if it kills us.

Do you think I would have given you this if it would stop you from flirting with me?

House didn’t really look like Aston Kutcher, Georgia thought, snuggling into bed. More like that Englishman she’d met the summer she spent in Europe before the war. Especially his eyes. Blue, like the water in the Carribean when the kids had sent her and Harold on a cruise for their fiftieth anniversary.

The girls nowadays had all kinds of electronic gizmos and rubber thingies, but she’d always done just fine with just her fingers and some hand lotion. Old-fashioned, but effective.

Doomed to a lifetime of feeling good.

She was alone now, and she could make as much noise as she wanted to.

“Oh Dr. House,” she called out, feeling flushed and happy and very, very lucky.
Tags: drabble, house md, housefic, mmom, mmom 2008

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