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Relief and disappointment.

Relief-I found my keys!

They were more or less, where I might have expected them to be, in a plastic thinging on a bookcase where I tend to throw stuff. I'm sure I looked there yesterday morning, but since they'd gotten wedged further down than usual, I might have missed seeing them, and the more frazzled I got during the search, the less likely I was to see them every time I stomped by and looked there.
Apogoies to hubby for having a major "I can't find my keys" melt-down while he was trying to wind down and get to sleep.

Disappointment-The darker side of Barrowmania.

Two weeks ago (the Friday that michelleann68 arrived), I got a call from my buddy, Big Frank, the KJ at the Mint and member of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. He left a vmail on my work phone saying that John Barrowman was going to be the Special Guest at the Pride Concert in

As you can imagine I immediately FREAKED OUT!!!! I called hllangel and she immediately FREAKED OUT!!!!! I started emailing all my local Barrowmaniac Converts and they all FREAKED OUT!!!!!

Within days, I'd organzed an expedition and started making plans to buy tickets.

And thats when Frank started back-tracking. He told me that John WAS going to be the guest artist, but he didn't know if it was going to be the Thursday concert or the Friday concert. There was nothing on the Chorus' website or John's website, but Frank told me he'd been told by the Chorus Director that it was definitely John and he was definitely coming.

This past Friday, there was another vmail, saying it was definite. I thought he was saying definitely Friday, so I managed to get on-line to the SFGCM site and order 10 tickets.

When I talked to Frank on Memorial Day, he said, he still didn't know which date, but if it was the wrong one, he'd find a way to get me off the hook. I called the Box Office on Tuesday and they said, they'd cancel the order until the date was confirmed.

By this time people were already making travel plans and arranging nights off in order to attend and we were all going crazy because there was still nothing. ANYWHERE. It was going to be the biggest secret under the sun. I wasn't sure if it was in order not to over-shadow the Chorus and Freedom band of if John's people just don't think he's that big a draw over here.

Anyway, I even got my friend Rich involved. (Ba-boom, ba-boom, that's my heart beat whenever I'm going to see Rich.)

Last night-Call from Frank. NO BARROWMAN. :(

Here's the email he forwarded to me that he got from TPTB in the Chorus, who'd he been bugging on my behalf.

John B. can’t make it to either show-they changed his shooting schedule or something…sorry to your friend…"

I'm assuming this refers to the Maria shooting in Canada.

So-NO John in SF in JUNE. :(

I'm bummed, but I'm not mad at John. I'm sure he did want to do it. I'm torn between being a little miffed at Frank for jumping the gun, but obviously if it did happen and I didn't know or found out too late, but wasn't able to get tickets I would have been royally pissed.

And the weird part is I just got three tickets in the mail, but they're NOT MY TICKETS. It's someone else's name on the envelope and they're not on my credit card. I'll call the box-office today and let them know, which I hope will make up for the fact that I'm NOT ordering ten tickets anymore. (Or possibly any.)

Oh John. The things you make me do. (And you're the only person I can put up with having them dress a doggie in clothes.)

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