karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Kitty is being a Pussy (to coin a phrase.)

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate my job.

(I'm sometimes called "Kitty." It's a long story.)

One of the partners is going to JFK on firm business and because the discrepancy between coach and business is so high right now (extremely low unrestricted fare and no discount available on the business class) TPTB aren't going to approve it. This is the same guy who went off on me two weeks about about spending one hour near the lavatory. Can you imagine what he'g going to to do when I tell him it's coach all the way to NY? (And he's only four rows ahead of the lavatory.)

I'm basically cowering in fear and the travel manager has been coaching me on exactly what to say, but I'm still afraid she's going to call Bubbles and tell her to get someone in here who can take the heat because that's what we're getting paid for.

I've got next week off. I'm seriously thinking of looking for another job, although god only knows what that would be, for the usual reason. Considering I'm planning on getting fired when I call in sick from London if they don't give me my time off in January, maybe it'll just be getting it done that much faster.
Tags: desk of doom, whinging, whining, work

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