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And today's crisis is......

I can't find my Ipod.

I had it at the gym on Tuesday.

The usual procedure is that I work out and put the Ipod, which is still in the cardio-belt into my gym bag and bring it home with my gym stuff.

When I looked in the bag yesterday, the cardio-belt was there, but no Ipod. I went to the gym yesterday and it was not in my locker. I asked if one had been turned in, but they couldn't find one in the cash-register, however they said that an Ipod would normally be put in the safe. Naturally no one there in the morning had the combination.

This morning I've basically done the looking everywhere in the apartment, while cleaning up and not found it. I called the gym again and there's still no one around who can get into the safe but I should try calling back at noon.

What will it take to convince my husband that I do have a brain tumor and should be treated accordingly. (Again, I know it's not funny and with no disrespect to those who have brain tumors, but the continuing inability to keep the basics of my life together is very frustrating.)
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