karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

And when I see the sign that points one way,

The lot we used to pass by every day.

Sing it with me people...

Just walk away Renee
You won't see me follow you back home.

(Presumably because I'm hiding from the cops ever since you took out that restraining order.)

Yesterday didn't suck.

I slept in and hung out until after Hubby left to pick up Pyscho-sis and take to a dental appointment. Then I went to the gym and had a pretty good work out. Afterwards, I took advantage the the gym's superior water pressure to wash my hair and shave legs etc. There's a nice little sandwich place on Montgomery (right next to the building where the regional office is) and I picked up a chopped liver sandwich. I also saw Danny (regional office, who lives on the same street that I do) who completely failed to notice me.

I took sandwich up to the Mint and hung out with Ben the bartender and showed him some TW fanvids off my Ipod, now that I've got Quivic up and running. Hubby, who might otherwise have been less than thrilled about my spending money on the program is ECSTATIC. He's just gotten back into playing Mbira and damned if there aren't Mbira videos on YouTube, which he can now get on the Ipod. (In fact, I'm down a Cafe Petra right now, so he can take advantage of the high-speed.)

Mike B. was there. Haven't seen him in ages, as he now lives in NYC. He was shockingly sober, although it was only 2 in the afternoon, so I have no idea what happened after I left around 7PM. Mike B. must hold some kind of record for being 86'd from the Mint and managing to get back in. I attempted a Barrowmania conversion using the "It's In His Kiss" fanvid. Mike B. was not impress. Wanker!

We had a blast singing. For a while we did some theme stuff-Cities and place names, allowing me to take my rendition of "Is This The Way to Amarillo" for it's first test run.

Hubby brought Psycho-sis down after her appointment. She was in a good mood, and kind of rocked out when I did Ballroom Blitz. Hubby attributes good mood to Oxy-codone.

Then hubby attempted to get a cab. On Upper Market. On a Friday afternoon. Oy. He did get one eventually. That gave me about another hour to hang out and do more songs. Seriously. I just love doing the Mint on a weekday afternoon. So much happiness.

I picked up KFC for hubby on the way home. OK, I suck, but it just didn't feel like a sushi day and hey Chipotle Extra Crispy was just made for hubby.

We watched the next two episodes of Fortysomething, including Nekkid Hugh and Stephen Fry as a fishmonger. Hugh & Stephen together made almost anything better. Peter Capaldi is a hoot. With the help of IMDB, I finally figured out that Hugh's wife on the show is the evil Juliet from Spooks and that the guy playing a NHS inspector was a bad guys lawyer on LOM.

I'm really hoping we'll start Ashes to Ashes tonight as I'm all aquivver for more Gene Hunt.

Note to Barack Obama: OK, my heart is still with Hillary, but I gotta say, ditching your whole press plane so you and Hil could have a private sit-down? That was pretty damn cool.
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