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Ashes to Ashes - Episodes 1-4

Just to reiterate-I’m 43 years old. I graduated high school in 1982. I lived through 1981 and I remember it really well. On the other hand, this happened in the US, rather than the UK, so I’m not 100% sure what fashions would have applied to adult women there at the time.

That being said, the clothes they are putting Alex Drake in just feel WRONG. Especially the shirt falling off one shoulder with the bra strap showing ALL THE TIME. It’s driving me nuts. If it’s supposed to be the Flashdance look, it’s two years too early. Even if I accept that her hallucination gets the right to be wrong on the fashions and possibly the music by a few years as well, what the hell kind of self-respecting POLICE WOMAN would walk around with her bra strap showing? In any year? GROSS!!! This just bugs the living shit out of me and is totally under-mining any respect or concern I might have for her character. (The unfortunate perm, at least, is spot-on.)

The fact that she’s acting like an alcoholic slut isn’t helping either.

I was ok with Keeley Hawes as Zoe on Spooks. Right now, I’m not sure if she’s just not up to this, or if the character is so badly written that no one could be.

I don’t remember 1973 quite well enough to know if Sam’s clothes were more accurate, but somehow his 1973 garb always felt right and this just feels wrong.

I miss Gene’s camelhair coat, but I do love the boots. What can I say, I love Philip Glenister and Gene Hunt rocks my fuckin’ world!

The big problem is that Gene can’t be pushing a woman into walls all the time and even the verbal stuff just doesn’t have much of an edge to it. I’m not asking for a Sam/Gene redux, but I’m not getting anything to latch onto, except my Gene-love, my Chris-love and OMG THE MUSIC!

The 70’s stuff in LOM made me happy, but this is really the music I imprinted on. Visage! Shakin’ Stevens. Lots and lots of Roxy Music. (Which also made me happy at the end of LOM.)

Clearly, I’m going to end of the series to find out what happens, but the level of all-consuming love isn’t there.

However, there will probably be more LOM fic, when/if there’s time in my life again. The Sam/Chris H/C epic will occur.

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