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MMOM 2008-The List

For those of you who missed it, this was my second year of participating in mmom The Merry Month of Masturbation, with the challenge of posting 31 masturbation fics in 31 days.

Final Statistics for 2008.
33 Stories
26,280 words.
Fifteen fandoms (consolidating all RPF/RPS fics, except the punditslash)
20 titles that were either song titles or song allusions. (One free drabble to anyone who can peg them all. I'll let it go for 19 because one is seriously obscure.)

Day 1- A Night at the Opera
Spooks-Jools Siviter/OFC

Day 2- Therapy Session
Bones-Gordon Wyatt/Seeley Booth

Day 3-The Late Show
Punditslash-Stephen Colbert/Keith Olbermann

Day 4-Backstage
RPS-John Barrowman/David Tennant

Day 5- Counting
House MD-House/Wilson (heavy-duty angst-fic)

Day 6- Errand Boy
Life on Mars-Chris/Sam

Day 7- First Contact

Day 8- Visiting Hours
Alias-Michael Vaughn/Irina Derevko

Day 9- Another Opening, Another Show
Torchwood/De-Lovely crossover-Jack Harkness/Cole Porter

Day 10-The Dreams I’ve Dreamed Lately

Day 11- Seeing Is Believing

Day 12- More Than a Metaphor
House MD-James Wilson

Day 13-Chilly, Chilly
Songfic-Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks

Day 14- Pillow Talk
CSI-NY Danny/Flack-Mentions of (Mac, Peyton, Lindsay)

Day 15- Too Clever By Half

Day 16- All I Ever Wanted
CSI-NY Reed Garrett/Mac Taylor

Day 17- Tears Run Rings

Day 18-Angel of the Morning
Torchwood RPF-John Barrowman/Eve Myles

Day 19- Looking For Clues
House MD-House/Wilson (mentions of others)

Day 20- This One's For You
House MD-House/Cameron

Day 21- The Fall of Foreman
House MD-Eric Foreman

Day 22- Broken Dreams
CSI-NY-Danny Messer

Day 23- The Fire In Your Heart
Life on Mars-Sam/Chris

Day 24- What Happens in Manchester...
Life on Mars RPS-John Simm/Philip Glenister

Day 25- Admitted We Were Powerless
Hill Street Blues-JD LaRue

Day 26- Going Under
House MD-Chase/House

Day 27- An Old Sweet Song
House MD-Georgia Adams

Day 28-Congratulations
West Wing-Toby/Sam

Day 29- Quiet Contemplation

Day 30- The One Where K-gal Loses It
Multi-fandom crack

Day 31- Try To Light A Torch
Torchwood-Jack Harkness (includes Owen/Gwen)

Day 31- Try To Build A Bonfire
Torchwood-Dead!Owen (Mention of Gwen/Diane/Jack/Ianto.)

Day 31- To Warm the Lonely Night
Torchwood-Owen Harper (includes Owen/Suzie and Jack!wank)
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