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Meme a day 2008-Day 158-The Shoe!Love Meme

Ganked from vanillafluffy

I may be the wrong person to do this. I don't really love shoes.

Favorite style of shoe

Current favorite pair
Mary Jane Crocs.

Shoes you can't live without
My running shoes.

Oldest shoes you own
Brown Payless sandals.

Newest shoes
Two pairs of Crocs I bought in Maui.

Most expensive shoes ever
Probably New Balance, back when I bought them at the New Balance store.

Shoes you wish you hadn't bought
Too many misbegotten purchases to count.

Shoes you wish you still had/fit
Ol' skool Dr. Scholl's.
And there's a pair of creepers in my closet that are just a smidge to tight to be worn
comfortably, but I love the idea of them. Bought a few years back for a costume as a Teddy Boy.

Shoe trend that you laugh at now
Platforms, I guess. But some people looked good in them, right?

Fantasy shoes
Something comfortable and attractive.

Shoe confessions
I once went downstairs (from my office) wearing two different shoes of vastly different heel height and didn't notice until I was actually down there.

Favorite shoe memory
The black strappy sandals I wore on Halloween of (I think) 2002, when I was Rita Hayworth in Gilda. They hurt, but they looked awesome.

Favorite fictional shoes
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. (And yes, I know they were silver in the book.)

How many pairs of shoes do you own? (Guestimate if necessary)
About 5 or 6. I'm trying to get rid of the brown sandals, cos they're super beat-up, but I can't quite bring myself to do it.

What kind of shoe/slippers do you wear around the house?
Mostly barefoot, sometimes Crocks.

High heels---love 'em or hate 'em?
Love the look of them, hate trying to wear them, so I usually don't. Unlike Fluffy, I do need the height, but at my age, the pain isn't worth it anymore.

Do you match your shoes to your bag?
Only got one bag. It's red. If I'm wearing the red Mary Jane Crocs, they match. Sort of.

What size shoe do you wear most often?
Payless 7 1/2 WWW

Describe yourself as if you were a pair of shoes
I'm chunky and clunky and you and you can hear me coming.

Shoes you are wearing right now
The Mary Jane Crocs.

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