karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Meme a day-Day 160-Moments in time Meme

Ganked from zeddish

20 years ago in 1988
I'd been here about a year, I was on my 2nd travel job and my life was a mess.

10 years ago in 1998
My first book had come out and the reality that I wasn't going to be Sue Grafton was slowly sinking in.

5 years ago in 2003
I was in a job situation that made this one look like heaven.

3 years ago in 2005
The limbo before House/LJ and my current life.

2 years ago in 2006
Heavy duty love with Former Internet Soul Mate.

A year ago in 2007
In May, I did my first MMOM, and had a great trip to New York and Boston.

I lost three hours of my life to You Tube between Top Gear and Buzzcocks clips.

I got to the gym. I've been here an hour and my #1 problem child client is already bitching at me via his put-upon admin.

Need to do some serious writing for bday fic in progress.

Next year
I will have finished NOVEL 2008 and probably be collecting rejection slips. But I'll also have experienced 2009-A Squeeeee Odyssey.

Check out the Squeeeeee Odyssey icon created by the fabulous hllangel.
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