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The Mint last night

Sometimes it's just so much my "Cheers," it's not even funny.

Peggy showed up and we were all OMG! YOUR HAIR! She had it about five inches shorter, and layers and seriously red. She always dyes a little darker than I do and this was heavy-duty. Turned out she had her cat put to sleep a few days earlier and she was in a lot of pain and had actually been planning to shave her head, but her hair-dresser felt that five inches was dramatic enough and she concurred. This was a 14 year cat relationship and she needed a lot of love and hugs and karaoke fun.

Luckily Kitty & George who are the most fun gay man and fag-hag couple I know, organized a Cher-fest and we did seven Cher songs in a row. It was fabulousness personified:

Sebastian: The Way of Love
Peggy: The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
Kitty: Believe
George: Dark Lady
Me: Just Like Jesse James
Shane : If I Could Turn Back Time (you had to see this to believe it, complete with Cher voice and moves from the video.)
Frank who was subbing in as KJ for Daddy Dave, couldn't resist finishing up with Gypsies Tramps and Thieves.

I mean it was major-league insanity. AND SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also did:
Is This The Way to Amarillo (My obligatory Barrowman song.)
Avenues and Alleyways (If you're going to do one Tony Christie number that no on in the US has ever heard of...)
I Go To Pieces-Peter & Gordon
Freedom Come, Freedom Go-The Fortunes.

I left around 745PM to come home and make dinner so we could finish up the last three eps of
Ashes to Ashes.

About which I shall report as soon as I get some work done.
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